20 August, 2012

What would you do for love?

Somewhat rhetorical and somewhat shabby question now isn’t it? Just like the claim: “I would never do …. this or that” and then you end up doing just that ad remember the exact moment when you said you would never.

The fact is, you just don’t know, but after you liked someone a lot or even loved (or you thought you did), you gain a certain experience and knowledge of yourself, not the other person, not the “love” as a romanticized can’t live without feeling, but you - you as a person, your own morals, your own limits and your own ability to forgive or not to forgive.

The other day, I got hurt, a lot a whole lot. I was sitting in a hotel room in a foreign country, staying in a city I don’t know with a person who I thought I knew and I was falling apart into pieces, one by one... I felt that catastrophically overwhelming pain all over my body. I was hyperventilating, my heart was beating as if it will explode any second, I was crying and shaking at the same time and I couldn’t take a deep breath from the pain in my chest. I felt as if I will faint in any second and die. In that moment it felt like dying would be a relief. This day, at that very moment, I felt like my whole world fell apart and I felt extremely lonely.

I called the same two people I always call when I feel like the only person in the whole wide world…my mum and my best friend Anita. Why them? Because my mum has experienced the world enough to know it is gray and not black or white, she has the patience, love and wisdom to advise me without imposing her own opinion or final solution for my problem.    

 While Anita is probably the most realistic and blunt person on the face of the earth who ALWAYS saids it how it is no matter how much it hurts. Also, she knows what I did before, what I will probably do and knows what to say to control my drama. Anita advised me to write down how I feel today and how much it hurts to serve me as a reminder for the future, so I did…

After couple of hours of drama, screaming, yelling, throwing stuff, crying and talking, the same question kept running through my head: “What would I do for love?” then I rewind my love life backwards trying to remember big things which I did but don’t regret doing…

-  I worked 40 hours a week for a month and saved every cent eating from vending machine to buy my first boyfriend brand new palm pilot for his graduation
- I quit my dream job in fashion and flew overseas without a plan to try to save my relationship
-  I am flying every month to stay for a week in another country to keep my long distance relationship going
-  I forgave and gave him a second chance?????

I got stuck with the last one thinking what it would take for me to do it: I would need to swallow my pride, turn the other cheek, continue to love, forgive, take a risk to fall apart again…be a bigger person then him – trust again. Since this is a new experience for me I am still not sure of what I will do and I feel like a hypocrite when I pray in these kind of situations but I did, I prayed yesterday, because I felt like no human can be so unselfish to give me an advice which will be – forgive, give a second chance.

“Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be.”

 Heath L. Buckmaster, Box of Hair: A Fairy Tale


17 August, 2012

Getting lost in Barcelona.

Today is our second day in Barcelona and my boyfriend and I have already had a chance to see two apartments and had a little bit of time to explore Barcelona on foot before getting a rent-a-car to use until his car is delivered from home.

 We saw an amazing, very spacious apartment, fully furnished with lovely modern black and white furniture and lovely huge red sofa in the living room. The highlight for me was a walk in closet which is probably bigger then my bedroom at home as well as the roomy kitchen in which I promised to learn how to cook if finally we decide to take this apartment.I am totally in love with it, naturally because of the walk-in closet which is something I have been dreaming about forever - and although I will not be living here and using it every day, it will be good enough for me if I could borrow it for a week while I do visit. :)

I will try to keep this excitement for myself not to influence my boyfriends decision on which apartment to choose for himself to much, cause that would be a bit selfish now wouldn't it? :)

Other then seeing this great apartment we also had time to explore Barcelona's city center on foot, I hope you enjoy the photos I took on the go while researching the city and here around a wonderful Gran Hotel Princesa Sofia with Instagram bellow. Soon I will be posting more of the Barcelona's fashion hot spots :)

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."


16 August, 2012

Embalaje para España: 5 traveling tips.

After spending last five days here in Dubrovnik with my boyfriend at his parents house, our Summer holiday is slowly coming to an end. Tonight we are traveling to Barcelona where we need to find an apartment, furnish it a bit and make it a home for him/us for next couple of seasons. For both of us next month or so will be quite stressful, important and tiresome transitional period with moving to new countries, settling in new apartments and a new working environment. 

Since I am a quite an experienced traveller, traveling abroad in average 1-2x a month or more depending on business needs and having lived in more then 3 countries in last ten years, I decided to post 5 easy traveling tips for all of your frequent fashion travelers. 

1. Carry on luggage. 
Carry on luggage can weigh up to 10kg with most airlines but it is always useful to check on your flight carrier website before the trip. Since my daily Lei Lou purse is quite big I can fit all of my carry on items in it. I usually carry my laptop in it, passport, valet, phones, camera, books, business cards, planner, toothbrush and toothpaste and more valuable jewelry. Also - when I have a transfer flight I always bring a spar outfit in carry on for the cases when my transfers are cutting close and there is a chance my luggage can be lost. If you are flying with discount carriers like easy-yet or Ryan-air bring some Euros in cash since they charge food and water in the plane separately. 

2. Dressing for the trip.
What you wear for the trip will obviously depend on the time of the year and nature of your trip. When I go to business trips and I need to go straight to the office from airport I travel in heels, shirt and pencil skirt with a cardigan, however when I travel on private arrangement like today, when its warm I travel in flats - chucks or ballet flats with jean shorts and button up or I just put on a t-shirt and bring cardigan or a soft scarf like the scull McQueen one on the photo bellow.

3. Key fashion pieces. 
What you bring at any trip again will depend on the nature of your trip but there might be some staples which are always useful. This is what I discovered to be the safest things to pack as a base: dark skinny jeans, white chucks, denim shorts, one pair of tights and one pair of light sweats. Little black dress, floral dress, one blue or white cotton button up, navy 3/4 pants, blue and white striped t-shirt, gray t-shirt and white and black tanks tops, 2 bikinis (black and one in color), leather jacket, 4 pairs of heels, flip-flops, 2 cardigans, 2 purses black and brown, black cotton pencil skirt and on top of all this couple of additional items which add personality to your look like jewelry, scarves, hats etc.

4. Packing luggage. 
I think after all these years I can say that I have became a pro in packing. I always bring one big red suitcase when staying somewhere for 5 days or more. I pack each of my shoes in a separate cotton bag, my underwear, bikinis and bra in its own cotton bags. First I fold the clothes (leaving a chunk of space for my cosmetic bag which is huge) and then I fill the spaces in between with wrapped shoes. I put purses and belts in  the big compartment in closing of the suitcase. 

5. Unpacking at destination. 
It is important to immediately unpack at destination, obviously not all of the suitcase but at least those pieces which wrinkle easily. Most of the hotels have spacey closets, iron available in the room, little net stand to lift up your suitcase and a clothing stand which helps keep your clothes which you plan to wear for the next day wrinkle free.


Traveling with your pet.
Since I am moving to a new country where nobody will be able to babysit my dog while I am traveling, Papi will need to fly with me each month to Barcelona. Papi is a 14kg mid size dog so I am not able to bring him up with me in the cabin, he rather needs to travel in his cage as a luggage. I don't give Papi any food on the day of the flight, just water, I also don't give him any medicine to calm him down as I am not sure how the medicine would affect him during flight. It is important not to put any toys or any other items in his cage ( I suggest the one with plastic screws not the one with clips).

 If you plan to fly with your dog he needs to have a valid passport, update vaccinations and he needs to have a vet check (signed and stamped in his passport) done no longer then 7 days from the flight date. Here is where you can get all of the detailed guidelines for traveling with your pet. 

I hope you found these tips useful lovelies! :)

11 August, 2012

Hey I heard you were a wild one!

Some of you who are my most frequent readers might say: "Ok, enough of the animal print already!" but for last couple of season I can't seem to stop my obsession with all animal print fashion pieces be it snake, gator or leopard - I love it! So forgive me if I am repeating myself but for all of you wild things out there, here is another animal print inspiration post with the list of the leopard print items I pulled out of my shopping wish list for this Fall.

Tights - farefetch / shorts - Topshop

Cross sweater - Ark Clothing / Cardigan - Lojas Renner

Slippers - Asos / Black laces sneakers - Cassian
Black bow slippers - Christian Louboutin / Sneakers - Converse

Gorgeous ladies only planner - http://www.zenskirokovnik.com/

Since gold accessories, dresses and sweaters seem to be making a come back I think that leopard print will fit right in the fall looks. How do you like my selection above? :)


10 August, 2012

Summer mode: 5 ways to recharge

Finally, the countdown is over! My full two weeks long Summer vacation has officially started at 6am this morning with a flight to Dubrovnik. The grand plan is to stay in Dubrovnik for six days with my boyfriend and then we are leaving to Barcelona for another 20 days (last week doesn't count as I will be working from Barcelona) where he is joining his new bball club, we are very excited about it :) 

Since both my boyfriend and I are about to move to a new city and country in my case, within one month from now, we really need to charge out batteries well for these big career and personal endeavors which are ahead of us.

Motivated by these big changes in my life, I have put together a list of 5 ways how to charge batteries which might help those of you ladies and gents who are like me having trouble unwinding first few days of vacation.

Last night (night before start of my vacation) I entered my apartment, dropped all of my work stuff at my desk and took couple of deep breaths trying to breed all of the weeks stress and tension. After taking a bath with coconut bath oil and body scrub I browsed through my kitchen where I usually keep everything but food and thought of a creative but simple snack I can make before going to bed early to be able to get up for my early flight for Dubrovnik.

 I found some berries from my mum's garden and a fat free yogurt which made a lovely snack. The point is not to spend the whole day in the kitchen during your vacation, but to take a conscious effort to help your body revitalize and rest inside and out with healthy and cheap fresh foods you already have in your fridge. 

This is not to say you should spend your entire vacation in bed, don't go out and party but rather again to think about negative sleep patterns you might be experiencing during busy work days and consequences they bring to your eating habits, your look and work focus. Summer vacation is a good time to teach your body when to go to sleep and wake up. During my vacation I try not to set an alarm clock but to try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time. Also, I try not to have my mobile phone close to my bed. On top, I also allow myself to take an afternoon naps during weekends.

Ok, this is one of the rules I myself have trouble with obeying. I think I have FOMO syndrome (Fear of missing out) so I keep making up reasons and justifications to myself of why I need to check my email real, real quick. The fact is (as my boss always said) things will get done with you away, company will not fall apart during your vacation period, most things can wait that long. Although, obviously one shouldn't leave things half done when going for a vacation but the fact is that there will always be new things to do, so one needs to be able to completely disconnect for a few days at least. Let's face it, nobody is that important that world will not go on without them.

Although we should all be able to find one day a week to take a nice relaxing bath at least or to lie down to watch a movie or read a book, take a spa day or something like that, for me, being on vacation doesn't mean dressing casually all day, wearing only flats etc. Just the opposite, during my vacation I try to take time to try to make myself a new hairdo every day, I change 2-3 outfits, brows the stores for some special creams and perfumes and just take time to enjoy and experiment with colorful fashion and beauty products. Summer is part of the year when I feel the most confident about my looks. Bellow is the colorful mani & padi I had done for this vacation. 

At work I am often surrounded with many people and noise, while on vacation I am trying to spend some quality time alone, then alone with my boyfriend and some time with my family (which can be overwhelming at times as well :) ). When spending time alone I like to do different things but when close to the sea I spend this time reading, running or walking down the beach, collecting sea shells and unique looking stones and playing cards with my boyfriend. 

What are the ways you charge your batteries when on Summer vacation lovelies? Does any of the ways I described in this post work for you?


06 August, 2012

Golden Girls of the Olympics.

Naomi Campbell in Alexander McQueen

Although Olympics are still on and we are not sure which athletes are taking medals in all of the disciplines yet, one thing we know, these four ladies are closing the Olympics with the bang and taking home the gold. 
How amazing is this editorial? I can't wait for the closing to see these!

Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen

Karen Elson in Burberry

Lily Donaldson in Vivienne Westwood

All photos: “Midas Touch” editorial from Vogue UK, September 2012 , photographer: Nick Knight 


05 August, 2012

Baby on board!

Vogue Russia

I haven't written a "lines of life" post in a while, this is because my life has picked up the pace tremendosly, so rather then spilling it all out in one post I have decided to break it down in a number of fashionably illustrated posts.

Vogue Russia

Today I became an aunt, my sister gave birth to an adorable little baby boy - Lovro, I will be posting Lovro's picture in my weekly review. Thus, this post will be dedicated to new mum's and new born babies fashion.

Please see my selection for fashionable baby boys bellow, here we have: Prepi baby, Hipster baby & Surfer baby looks.

Sometimes I feel like all of the attention when baby is born goes on baby (like it should of course) but what about the "recently whale and now trying to be the best mum and wife as possible" young mums? What about their needs, wants and feelings?

While young momies are trying to get the hang of their new and the most important role in life why not give them some fast suggestions on how to simplify their make up and dressing routine but still stay fabulous (not that I have experience in this, but I did gave it a lot of thought in preparing to be a fresh aunt).

For new mommies I suggest to stick with comfortable but chic transitional pieces: cool natural fabric dresses - one piece outfit which is easy to put on and take of, preferably with few buttons on their cleveage for easier breastfeeding, which hug their chest and go easy on their recovering tummies. My favorite brand for this is HATCH.

Good choice would also be tank-tops, light cashmere cardigans and boyfriend style jeans or joga pants for more casual look - at least for first month or two. In terms of accessories I would definitely wear necklaces to emphasize your cleavage and simple, smaller earings (lets face it - diaper bags do not come in most fabulous shapes and fabrications).

 For their feet, since they will be doing a lot of walking and running around I suggest suade flats, comfortable Toms shoes or Converse sneakers (please avoid Crocs by all means - nobody is that tired and in pain - nobody).

How do you like these looks ladies? Do you have any other new mommy & new baby clothing brands to reco for my sister? :)