07 April, 2012


I am sure most of you who follow fashion know about this amazing tool, but if you don’t, I highly recommend checking it out! 

Style.com combined all of the key points and personas currently in fashion industry, identifying the best of the best who appeared in Vogue into one online encyclopedia called Voguepedia. This tool is nicely searchable with clean design. It contains a number of key categories: beauty, brands, designers, editors, models, personalities, photographers and turning points.

It seems like this tool is still work in progress and focused on US Vogue and US market mainly as many important people are not even mentioned for example, there is no Anna Wintour, nor Anna Dello Russo and Carine Roitfeld in editors category. There is no mention of fashion bloggers in turning points or personalities categories etc. but I am sure all will be added eventually.

My favorite sections so far are:

I would also love to see the photo galleries of best or most memorable editorials and some business info on history of Vogue overall.

Although, when it comes to books I am totally old school, I have and continue to buy more and more fashion books on my travels and here in Croatia. I have to admit that continuous changes and extremely fast pace of fashion industry makes most print editions overdue just weeks and months from purchase, so in such a fast paced environment I highly support online editions which are not only eco friendly and better organized, but you can also view them via many different gadgets virtually as well as store and access info from it when you need it on your iPad, iPhone etc.

What do you think of Voguepedia?

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  1. uuu. predobra stranica. jedva čekam proučavati i gubiti se u morima dizajnera, fotografa i mode općenito... ˆˆ




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