08 April, 2012

Showroom Seven: Dressing and bedazzling all from Lady Gaga to a First Lady!

Couple of years back when I got my internship in Showroom Seven, it was one of the two internships and a retail job I worked in shifts right from college so I was not aware of the culture and heritage this great brand has. 

This post I am writing with much delay but still grateful for the experience and artistic inspiration I got from working in Showroom Seven. As soon as I entered the showroom and the „closet“ I wished I wasn't just interning but living there, what a gorgeously decorated place it was! It was trully inspiring, most creative, hands on & motivating experience to get, so going back home tired in a subway I continued to sketch & write notes for my blog in my little black Moleskin notebook. J

The brand was founded and designed by Detroit natives Karen & Eric Erickson (Chelsea,NYC) and Vicky Beamon (Belgravia,London) in 1983. soon after founding their jewelry was featured in Vogue, and credited with creating the chandelier earring.

 Erickson Beamon jewelry is now produced at premises of Showroom Seven in NYC where cofounder and designer Karen Erickson is stationed as well as in London where Vicky Beamon resides since 1985. 

Erickson Beamon is now sold in over 600 stores in 75 nations worldwide.
Each jewelry piece is meticulously assembled by hand out of crystalized Swarowski elements, many are hand painted, containing pearls and other semi-precious stones. Designers have extended their collections to include mirrors, masks, and a chandelier collection that was launched in 2004.

Karen Erickson said in one interview „Our jewelry is seasonal of course but not limited to fabrication like fashion collections,obviously we are making more bangles in summer, while in winter there is more interest in rings and necklaces but we are making new pieces all the time regardless the fashion seasons.“

In its long history Erickson Beamon collaborated with almost every designer you can think of: Chanel, Donna Karen, Givenchy, Dior, Galliano, Anna Sui, McQueen etc.

Late Alexander McQueen said: „Welcome to their universe, where glittering snowflakes freeze into delicate drop earrings, black roses bloom on bangles, a “Brave New World” is being charted out with yards of pearls and the “Duchess of Fabulous” rules the roost. Prepare to “Be… dazzled!”

After Alexander McQueen passed away, Erickson Beamon made homage to him with this amazing necklace.

“Erickson Beamon is really an overdose of beauty and creativity”, said Dries Van Noten.

Companies endless list of private clients include Madonna, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman. Daphne Guinness regularly arrives at photo shoots with suitcases full of her own favorite pieces. And while the jewelers have created magnificently insane looks for Gaga ranging from a diamante cage mask to a Spanish jet-encrusted lace mantilla, Michelle Obama favors the more demure floral brooches and pearl necklaces.

Beyonce Knowles wearing Erickson Beamon headpiece

Erickson Beamon customers include the biggest luxury clothing retailers like Net-a-porter, Barneys, Neiman Markus etc. but also many smaller designers showrooms and boutiques worldwide. In Croatia you can find some Erickson Beamon pieces at Maria concept store in Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

In 2009. Well known retail chain Target has partnered with Erickson Beamon to launch a limited-edition jewelry collection, Erickson Beamon Accessories Collection for Target, as Target representative described it: "Acclaimed jewelry designers Erickson Beamon’s exclusive collection for Target adds sparkle, fantasy and glamour, without pricey drama."

Showroom Seven has a 20 year history of providing sales,  public relations, showroom, and business services to fashion and lifestyle clients around the globe.

Photo source: Mandie, Karen, Eric & Monique Erickson on their FW 2011. Presentation

Mandie Erickson leads the Seventh House PR – which is the public relations office of Showroom Seven handling  communications, marketing, branding, PR and event planing but also designer's press and fashion show production. I didn't work directly with Mandie's team, but I had a chance to see the way they work, and although I am working in PR now for large multinational company, I am yet to meet a PR person fiercer then Mandie, she really had everything under control despite extremely fast paced work schedule.

Monique Erickson who I closely worked with while interning in Showroom Seven is  firstly incredibly artistic and overal quite a fabulous person to be around, J at the time I interned in Showroom seven, she was doing everything from meetings and order making with the buyers from all over the world to merchandising jewelry collections and sales. Now Monique is a brand manager for Erickson Beamon's recently launched RTW clothing line.

Showroom Seven agencies occupy 16,000 square feet on four floors at the corner of 11th Avenue and 27th Street in New York where top designer fashion showrooms are stationed making this district an essential destination for fashion buyers and press. While main Showroom Seven office is located in the historic Terminal Warehouse building in the West Chelsea gallery district in New York there are also Showrooms in Los Angeles and Paris

Photo source: www.showroomseven.com

You can keep up with Showroom Seven latest updates on Facebook, Twitter, Tumlr & Blog as well.


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