09 April, 2012

Arena Centar blogger challenge!

As some of you already know, I am participating in Arena Centar fashion blogger challenge together with 7 more lady bloggers, challenge will start on April, 18th and last until mid June. As part of the project introduction, all participants did the short interview to create their bloggers ID’s, here is mine in English.

 Since many of you saw the link to this challenge and said “English please” J Bellow you can see all of the info about this contest.

Organizers are Arena Centar - currently most comprehensive shopping mall in Croatia which partnered with Krpa.hr awarded fashion portal (idea originator) which focuses not only on sharing latest fashion news but also on supporting young fashion talents so prospective models, fashion designers, makeup artists etc. from the region are invited to open their profile & virtual window and have their work featured on Krpa.hr.  

Arena Centar fashion blogger challenge is basically a shopping challenge where 8 participating fashion bloggers are split in pairs two by two, each pair shops on a different weekend, one at the time, on a limited budget, in Arena Centar and is followed by Krpa.hr camera crew during this 1 hour time shopping spree on a given theme (for example. business look, casual look etc.) in participating stores.

Each bloggers clothing selection is finally evaluated by 3 member jury where one member of the jury are online voters who will be able to vote on Krpa.hr Blogger challenge minisite for duration of this contest.

Final 4 contestants will continue to compete in shopping challenges until mid June when we will have the winner.

First episode will air on Krpa.hr portal on April 18th @ 20:30pm. I am going first as an ice-breaker! J

Hold your fingers crossed for me please!

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