My top 10 fashion brands: Salsa jeans.

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Salsa is the main woman & man Jeanswear brand of the IVN Group from Portugal, founded in 1994. Today, the brand is sold in more than 35 countries. The brands states its mission to be „your second skin and empower your constant renewal!“ meaning that Salsa wants to inspire and empower people all over the world, by providing the most innovative and exciting jeans, tops and accessories.

The reason why I picked Salsa to be one of my top 10 favorite brands is the perfect fit of their jeans. It is very easy to find your size from Salsa's size guide.

Before I used to buy my jeans in Diesel or Ralph Lauren because I am 6'1'' and it is was very hard for me to find skinny jeans which are long enough that I can wear with high heels but also my size (27) and not to wide in the waist and at the same time not to tight on my butt to flatten it, cause I do have a butt and I was looking for a pair of jeans that will fit just perfectly.

The first pair of jeans I got in Salsa a year ago were black, skinny fit, push up model size 27, I needed a pair of black jeans to wear to work but also the ones which whose color will not fade quickly and which will not get loose fast. This is exactly what I got in my Salsa jeans. On top, all of a sudden everybody started noticing my perky butt, my boyfriend loves them!

About 3 month ago I got my second pair of Salsa jeans, same size but in dark jean color and with a bit of a flare on the bottom, I absolutely love this model as well and highly recommend it!

Bellow you can see the new collection SS 2012. Salsa collection. I am thinking about getting the red pair this time around and some shorts as well J

If you like Salsa jeans or just want to try them out and learn more about the brand, they have an online shop and free delivery internationally on orders over 45 Euros. Also, you can check out their Facebook and Twitter sites for latest updates.

Where do you get your favorite jeans from lovelies?

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