17 March, 2012

Croatian designers FW 2012.

LINK BY OGI and MRVOŠ are two Croatian fashion designers who joined to open a boutique together and to kick off the start of their collaboration they presented their colaborative collection last night.

 Minimalism, neopunk, high tech and clean cuts were inspiration for both mens and womenswear pieces. Their collection featured many closet staple pieces such as little black dress and clean cut blazer and leather jackets but they were taken from day to night with layering, combining and playing with different  fabrications such as leather, see through fabrics and heavier knits.

CLASH of 9 is a young designer group freshly came out or still in fashion school who joined forces to create one quite mature and compact collection, which I am sure was not easy having nine young creative minds working together. I loved how wearable and concrete their pieces came up to be, although quite hipster motived and contemporary.

IGOR GALAŠ is known to be a king of knits which he definitely proved once again working on his now third collection for Croatian fashion house Arena from Pula. I apsolutely love his chucky knits, amaying quality soft wool mixtures, and architectural shapes and volumes he is able to produce out of knits. I can wait for next winter to cozy up in one of these! 


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