My top 10 fashion brands: Free people.

When I still lived in NYC, Free People store was one of those I visited on a regular, if nothing else at least to window shop and get styling inspirations. Pieces I find myself buying most often are turquoise silver jewelry, vegan leather pants, shorts, dresses and jackets as well as tights and leggings, thermal shirts and maxi cotton dresses. Last time I checked out the page there were also a couple of cute pairs of shoes.

Since some of the top 10 fashion brands which I adore (i.e. Rugby RL) do not deliver to Croatia yet (unless I ask some of my friends who still work there to buy it and ship it to me) I was thrilled to find out that Free People actually do! The shipping cost is not bad at all, especially if you order more pieces at a time.

Here are some of my favorite pieces and looks.

I would totally recommend to every city girl to check out Free People collections, cause at first I thought of the brand as being a bit to hippy for my personal taste but after buying couple of little things I kept coming back.

Although my personal style is somewhere in between Audrey Hepburn and rocker-chic, or to be quite honest totally bipolar at times, I tend to find bunch of fashion forward pieces of a good quality, quite comfortable and fairly priced here.

While many things I buy when discounted mostly due to cost of shipping and most of the times they do have my size left at seasons end.
You can check out more of their stuff on Facebook & follow them via Twitter for news.

January collection video:

All photos and a video are property of Free People.


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  1. A jooooj! :-) Shopping obavljen, nisam do sada naletila na free people, tako da hvala :-)
  2. Emina - Hvala na komentaru - i jaaaa ;)
    Dunja - mislim da stvarno neces pozaliti, meni su bile vjerne i kvaliteta je stvarno ok.

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