07 January, 2012

5 Fashion tips for vertically gifted men

Since I am quite tall (six-two) and my boyfriend is also very tall I have a compassion and emotional reason why I have investigated, experienced and put together what I learned about where to find, how and where to look for and how to go about finding appropriate and right fitting clothing for tall men (meaning: above six feet tall).

Challenges most tall man experience are finding pants that are not too short, shirts which are not too tight or too short in the waist, shoes of appropriate size as well as the right size dress clothing... in order not to keep walking around in sportswear all of the time.

Most common mistake tall man do is that they just buy the biggest sizes of everything and don’t try stuff on in the store before buying them.

So, here are some of the things I have learned:

1. Have confidence in your look.

Being tall is gorgeous and attractive. Statistics show that tall people have better chances of getting  a job then the shorter people, they are better paid and girls prefer tall man as they look more protective and stronger J So, accept the fact that you are tall, be confident, don’t slouch, stand proud and tall and put some effort into your look and into choice of your clothing.

2. Custom order key pieces.

By key pieces I mean basics in your closet which never go out of style. These are investment pieces in which you should invest some money in and which you can wear many, many times so they will definitely pay themselves of if we look at the price per wear ratio.

Put some time into finding a good tailor who will measure you and custom make your key pieces according to your body size and type. This way you will get some key pieces you can always turn to like:

- Black wool suite for winter
- Black silk or satin suite for summer 
- White & black dress shirts
- Black woolen winter coat

3. Don’t go over the top.

Ok, so, you are tall. You WILL get noticed, so don’t go over the top with mixing too many colors and prints. If you are wearing a suite, don’t be afraid of wearing a more fitted, solid color dark one and choose an interesting tie as a trendy detail.

4. Know tall people friendly casual wear brands 
(and remember or write down your size in each brand as these my vary)

According to my boyfriends experience and my research, bellow are some of the brands that have appropriate sizes of jeans, t-shirts and sweaters for tall muscular and long and lanky built men :

JeansShop in NY– jeans
John Varvatos – pants, shirts, suites, shoes
Ralph Lauren – shirts, pants, belts
G-star  Raw / G-star on Asos.com – T-shirts, jeans and sweaters
Diesel – jeans
Mustang - jeans
Review – jackets, scarves
Converse – t-shirts
- True Religion

5. Invest in comfortable shoes.

It is so very important to choose a comfortable, right size shoes if you are tall. Especially if you are an athlete and you workout every single day and carry some old injuries around – in this case choice of the footwear is crucial!

Here are some multi brand sites holding cool shoes of big sizes.

Big Shoes
Mr. Porter
Large Feet

“So long and lanky, my suit it should thank me.” 
Jay Z


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