28 November, 2011

Fancy giveaway!

As I promised, I have organized a worldwide giveaway together with fabulous designer of Fensice unique jewelry Desire Crnković, interview with whom I did several weeks ago, and you can read it here.

This fabulous young designer and quite successful business women and I decided to reward you, my readers and her fabulous customers with this valuable and unique Fensica sheep.

As she said in her interview Desire pays special attention and hand makes each and every detail on her Fensica’s as if she is making it for herself or her friends to wear.

Here are the looks I put together inspired by some of my favorite Fensice sheep.

Fensica sheep on the first photo in this post, with Swarovski crystals is the one you can win by participating in this worldwide giveaway which starts today November 28th, 2o11 and it will end on midnight on December 5th, 2011.

In order to be eligible to win this gorgeous Fensica sheep you need to do three simple steps listed below:

1.Like Fensice page on Facebook.
2.Follow my blog on Twitter: La__Kat & via Google Friend connect (right column)
3.Write down the comment on this post containing your email & the name you would give to your Fensica sheep.

Good luck to you all lovelies!

Fensica sheep might be a great Christmas gift for the ladies in your family! Price list is here, delivery is worldwide.


26 November, 2011

DFWZ: Ada the fierce & amazing Capara sisters!

Last two evenings of Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb I have decided to review in retrospect as due to my active involvement in organization as a representative of main sponsor I didn’t have time to do additional research and write a solid, detailed show review as these talented young Croatian and international designers deserve to get.

Consciously, I choose not to comment the event organization itself as it obviously wouldn’t be fully objective, but what I can guarantee it that the whole organizing team worked hard for months to make sure that the whole crew and most importantly event visitors feel welcome, comfortable and to have a good quality representation of domestic and foreign designer’s collections for upcoming fashion season.

So, I shall start from Saturday, the last night of the DFWZ shows where my favorite shows were with no doubt Capara sisters and Ada Zanditon for womenswear and Toni Rico as for menswear collection.

I will write a separate post on Toni’s and other men’s collections as menswear is truly quite neglected in Croatia despite the obvious talent we have in this department.

Ada has done a presentation of this collection in London and she presented the same movie here in Zagreb which helped us to get in the mood for the show.

Styling was different in Zagreb vs. London, here she again partnered with well known hairstylist and wig-master Christian Landon, whose pink afro looking wigs were attached on top of slick hair, pulled back and colored in white to match pale white colored model faces. The hair and the makeup were quite androgynous and futuristic looking, making models look like mythical creatures which perfectly matched the name, designs and the theme of the collection.

Ada stayed true to her environmental friendly making, immaculate tailoring and gorgeous prints, you can see more on her work in my previous post.

I have selected the three style groups: first set is quite wearable; I would say “business chic”, flirty black crochet pieces and gorgeous floppy zipper jacket.

Second look is more floaty and dreamy with my favorite being the mini dress with gorgeous pink diagonally layered waves. I think it would be interesting to see this dress in nude with pink as well.

Lastly, as you know I adore maxi skirts and dresses as I am quite tall and love the way these fit me. I fell in love with this white open back dress with a nice tail and tuxedo jacket cleavage, while this gorgeous print maxi skirt can be worn dressy or casual, it looks quite comfortable and wrinkle free so it seems like one could pull multiple wears out of this one.


Capara sisters work I didn’t know as good as I did Ada's work, which I follow for a while now, my previous research about these two ladies work you can see here.

My overall impression and expectation was that I will see a quite strict, focused and precise collection but I was absolutely mesmerized by the quality of the fabrics, amazing tailoring, focused and well developed and carefully thought threw collection I have seen from Capara sisters yesterday. Very elegant presentation, simple and natural make up with hair slicked back and the only stand out being chunky 80's inpired chain necklaces dressed over slicked hair.
All photos: (c) 2010 Borna Čavrag Photography

Capara sisters talent is vast, SS 2012. collection is very sellable and obvisouly wearable, it can surely cover various target groups from business professional, to young and elegant, any shapes or sizes will find it flattering and I cannot imagine why some of the big fashion retail brands haven’t contacted them yet for cooperation on limited edition collections.

I have again selected some for me most memorable looks, lovely laser cut prints were inspired by French couturier Madame Gres, layered silk and gentle wavy shapes were contrasted with geometrical prints and sharp cut tailoring and graphic print. 

Previously I have written about my love for mint and mustered colors, so this was also my thinking behind the grouping of photos shown above. I grouped them by trend and style. For me, this collection stands for smart, rich and elegant dressing. Bravo ladies!

How did you enjoy this seasons Dreft Fashion Week lovelies?


25 November, 2011

Puffy jackets - boring no more!

So I came to the office today at 8 am after all day of work and shows yesterday and after minor heart-attack due to my computer not wanting to turn on I could finally push this post live!
Alright, let’s get down to business.

For the most of the evening I was flapping around with my social butterfly wings chatting with business partners, agencies and organizers, as well as the backstage team and my fellow blogger Maybe who is doing backstage beauty report.

This year I love the positive energy, hard work, team spirit and professionalism I am seeing while observing this young team. Obviously, there is always room for improvement but I think that fundamentals set are quite strong already.  So cheers to you DFWZ team!

While I was chatting away in front of the runway hall some cool looking foreign guy with bright green sneakers kept interrupting me with various questions, naturally I was polite but a bit surprised as well as I had no clue what he wants or who is he, sorry Nino Bollag but you made a dramatic style change with that beard you grew.

My favorite three shows were definitely The Rodnik Band, Milena Rogulj and sisters Špoljar.

The Rodnik band.

Since I already wrote a postannouncing their collection, here I would like to emphasize the business sense as another of Phillips talents. Phillip has carefully selected to tone down a bit for Zagreb, showing price wise acceptable and very wearable pieces all wrapped up in another charming musical and dancing performance. FYI – the Rodnik Band has left Zagreb three seasons ago with empty suitcases, selling out the whole collection within an hour after the show ended.

Milena Rogulj.

I must admit I have had a preconception about this designer as a bit too abstract, sculptural and targeting the older audience; however with this Fall/Winter collection she wowed me as she presented the proper combination of wearable, innovative and “winter theme magazine editorial worthy” collection while still staying true to her brands image and vision. Individual pieces, like the brown vest and patchworked cozy and warm looking puffy jackets are sure to make an appearance with its volume, color and innovative design. They can be styled and worn as athletic apparel, casual but also dressy. Milena, you have definitely widened your customer base with this collection!

Špoljar sisters.

All photos: (c) 2010 Borna Čavrag Photography

These two charming ladies are now traditionally cooperating with auto-industry and have won numerous international awards as a result of it. I really admire their creative idea, strength to stitch this kind of material (car safety belts) ;) and eco way of thinking as they are recycling old auto gear transforming it into lovely and wearable clothing pieces.

I am so looking forward to Basso & Brooke tonight, as well as the marvelous Bad Spirit and talented Nino Bollag! For those of you who cannot be with us live, be sure to watch DFWZ live stream here (link appears at 8pm) if you have missed yesterday shows video is available here .


23 November, 2011

Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb blogger survival kit

Ok, so 17th Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb is in order this week…I have been a part of the organizing team in a way for the organization of the last 6 Dreft Fashion Weeks, prior to that I have interned on 2 New York Fashion for some of the busiest NYC showrooms and last year I attended Milan Fashion Week for business purposes…

So…after fainting from exhaustion 3x, getting very sick with a fever numerous times and losing about 5 kg if I added it all up I have decided it might be a good idea to take some precaution measures this time in order to prevent a total body and mind collapse during these 3-4 days of shows and more than a month of intense preparation for it (some people from the organization who I spent most time on the phone talking to this week might relate to this post ;) ).

My precaution measure is to plan my snacks, sleep time, comfortable clothing and posting time for a hectic few days ahead or if we want to make it fancier sounding I have put together my “Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb blogger survival kit” which maybe can serve as an inspiration or just a reference to some of the other bloggers or multitaskers (bloggers, organization members and fashion columnists) like me attending this years DFWZ.

I am suggesting to bring some obvious blogger essentials: laptop (there is a free WiFi in the Hypo Center), camera, business cards, super stylish planner (ženski rokovnik) but also if you are coming from outside of the town or even different country or you will like me be wearing multiple hats during the event like me and will be at the venue all day, it’s good idea to bring some snacks (I take almonds, carrots and honey-sesame bars to avoid eating fatty stuff from bakery all day) and lots of liquid with you, preferably the kind of liquid that will keep you awake for the events and fashion shows during the day and evening, all three after-parties and next day’s early office hours ( lots and lots of coffee, still water and green tea works for me).
Naturally, you should have a big enough and fabulous enough bag to fit it all in like the amazing LeiLou hot pink bag which I have placed in my set.

In terms of the clothing, I would recommend wearing flats or stable heels (I usually do boots) and obviously something warm to throw on while walking around during the day and the evening as they are calling for the snow in Zagreb starting Wednesday, while for the after parties I am sure most blogger will have their party outfits ready and will dress to impress, maybe not Yvan this year but there will be for sure cameras all around ;)

See you on Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb kicking of with a bang by The Rodnik Band! J


21 November, 2011

I'm with the band!

This will be the third time The Rodnik Band is showing their collection on Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb, every single time they prepare a special show, bursting with positive energy and each time they wow the audience!

Zagreb loves The Rodnik Band! This is why I am so excited that they are coming back this week, their show gives that much needed kick in the ass to sometimes a bit to snooby, conservative, quite mainstream and brand oriented Croatian audience.

Rodnik's designer Philip Colbert is equally fashion designer, rockstar and the artist, driving inspiration for his collection from any of his listed talent areas.

His most obvious influencers are Andy Warhol, Duchamp and similar pop-art artists. Philip first started The Rodnik Band in colaboration with Richard Ascott (left the band in 2008) designing primarily Russian folk inspired knit scarves.

The Rodnik Band SS 2012. Collection is called „Cod save the Sea“. It is designed as a support to environmental action organized by Justice Foundation.
Photo source: www.fashionmagazine.com/The Rodnik Band/Asos.com

There is one t-shirt from the collection already available on Asos.com for $44.93, all of the proceeds from the t-shirt sale are going towards the Justice Foundation charity, the rest of the collection will be available for purchase in December.
Bellow you can see the SS 2012. „Cod save the Sea“ collection video:

The Rodnik Band will kick of the Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb with a bang as the opening show on Thursday at 8:30 pm! Can't wait! I'll drink to that!

“I wanted my new collection to scream, with a self awareness and acknowledgment that fashion 

is ridiculous—even absurd—but that’s why I love it, and that’s what makes it an art.”

Philip Colbert


20 November, 2011

Ada the fierce!

I had the opportunity to hang out with Ada Zanditon during last year’s DFWZ after parties when I also first met Victor whom I still remained in contact with for my NYC visits. 

Ada has left an impression of very direct, absolutely fierce, very fun loving and cool person and above all an amazingly talented young designer who I very much admire as I know how hard it is to fight to make a living, do what you love and study in such a demanding school in one of the most expensive cities to live in the world- London.

Ada’s mission is to create an elegant and sculptural womenswear embellished by her unique illustrations.

Here is the Poseisus collection Ada has prepared for SS 2012. Collection is inspired by seahorses, Greek goddesses and Haiti’s festival while accessories and details are inspired by origami.

Another thing which I like about Ada’s work is that she very much thinks about and is dedicated to creating a environmentally friendly fashion pieces using organic and natural fabrics which she sources from ethical and reliable manufacturers; as well as jewelry in cooperation with a designer Luca Romany using recycled plastic. 

Here you can find more about an amazing dedication Ada’s has for sustainability.

Since graduating from London College of Fashion Ada is showing her collections on prestigues fashion events worldwide like London Fashion Week, Kiev Fashion days and Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb. Her work is featured in many publications such as Vogue, Glamour, Grazia, Telegraph, The Sunday Times etc. 

Bellow is a reminder of what her previous collections looked like:

Here is a little preview of 'Poseisus' S/S 2012. Collection presentation which was shown on London SS 2012. Pre Fashion Week, which we will now have the opportunity to see live on Saturday November 26th at Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb where Ada is coming with a real power squad. 

The hairstyles for her show is going to be done by famous hairstylist and wig master Christian Landon, who pulled the inspiration from colorful cotton candy specially for Dreft Fashion Week show.

I can't wait to see Poseisus live next week!

19 November, 2011

God bless the world & most of the people in it!

You might have noticed if you follow my blog regularly, that I have a thing for sculls and Rock&Chic alongside of my other elegant and feminine side (like romantic Lei Lou dresses), well we all have angel and demon moods & style needs don't we? J

I have written about my ultimate favorite Alexander McQueen who never really had a competition when it comes to scull branding,however while doing my pre-work for upcoming Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb reviews I have came across an amazing Italian designer and a business owner of a Bad Spirit brand whose collection and work exactly fits my demon mood taste ;) 

Very rockerish, punkish, gorgeously tailored, reasonably priced considering the quality of making and well known Italian quality of manufacturing Bad Spirit brand was founded 1994 by Massimo Sabbadin. Massimo uses skulls and studs, with collections focusing on great rock and punkish bands as Metallica, Iron Maiden and AC/DC whose members love and wear Bad Spirit clothes alongside many other celebrities.

Male and female collections contain jeans, T-shirts, outerwear ( like these amazing leather jackets and sweaters on the photos) accessories like hats, scarves and belts – all inspired by rock lifestyle and embellished with sculls, studs, Swarovski crystals and print.

Massimo has a showroom and a concept store in Via de Amicis in Milan which is decorated in all back furniture, leather carpets and a big black scull featured everywhere as it is a Bad Spirit's logo.

Photo sources: Black leather jacket – www.blondsalad.com; store photos – www.onescentlife.com ; brown lether jacket – www.vogue.com ; Clothes – www.fashionweekzagreb.com

Bad Spirit collections are also available for purchase via numerous online sites and in showrooms in France and Hong Kong.  My only remark (I might be wrong here but I haven't found it) is the lack of brand's presence on Facebook (only FB group but not the page) and no Twitter presence. Hopefully that changes soon as the brand is growing fans rapidly! Amazing stuff! I'm in love!

P.S. Bad Spirit show is scheduled on Friday 25.11. @ Hypo Center Zagreb as part of 17th Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb!