30 July, 2011

The bubble.

Some might think your life is easy; money earned can make them dizzy.
They see your life as very shallow, easy, fun and mostly mellow.
They label you as one of the same:
luxury, low IQ, cheap women, fast cars and the fame.

It’s easy to judge those who have made it stately
 and most of their lives sacrificed greatly.
This way envious makes himself feel better, 
rather than admitting that he’s never been a go-getter.

 Please never forget that together we have built a bubble,
 In which we are immune to and protected from all the outside trouble.
Our bubble protects us from the irrelevant things, 
outside noise and all that jealousy brings.
It bounces of all of the Facebook stalkers, 
hurtful comments and gossip talkers.
It keeps us safe and closely together,
 inside of our bubble it is always sunny weather.

Remember I’ll be with you through sunshine and storm; 
nothing can break the bubble we form. 


Masks off.

Vogue Mexico November, 2010.

How many of you ladies can remember the first coffee with your girlfriends after you have started dating a new guy? As soon as you sit down girls say – Sooo? How do you feel about him, it's official now, right?

Then you excitedly start your monolog about your new boyfriend, while blinking with your shinny eyes and explaining how he is very special and different than any other guy so far, how he knows you so well and understands you instantly, how he has incredible sense for humor and he is just... he is just so perfect!

3-5 months later, you start commenting how it is so annoying when he doesn't answer your text messages which are obviously written in a question form, how you don't understand why he has so many female Facebook friends and how sex with him is becoming a bit to...usual.

“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without 
and know we cannot live within.”
~James Arthur Baldwin~

He, while talking to one of his best friends over a beer casually mentions how you have been acting a bit pissy lately, his friend comments it's probably just PMS and they reroute their conversation to football again.

Do we really start showing a different face couple of months into a relationship? Why are we acting so differently first couple of months in relationship and then slowly but surely masks go down. Unintentionally or not, they do start peeling off and the real you which remains should be and is good enough, with all of your flaws and small imperfections which you have been carefully hiding.

Pssss...Don’t sweat the small stuff, they don't even notice it!
Pick your battles and always say what’s on your mind –don't play games (other than those in bed) & remain honest even when there is something uncomfortable you need to share.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. 
Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.     
 ~Oscar Wilde~

It is ok to open up and share good & bad, because that is what relationship is all about. It should be a support system during good and bad times, a cushion to fall on a shoulder to cry on & unlimited support source – even when we least deserve it.
We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.
 ~André Berthiaume, Contretemps ~

So...why not try to start with a mask off lovelies?

The rules of a lady.

As I have in one of my previous posts highlighted a number of gentleman rules which I found important to point out as behaviors or gestures that are lately rarely ever seen with young men, this post I dedicate to some of my favorite famous ladies and rules I thought they stand for and have lived by. 

Same as with men, today many women forget to behave like ladies, some take the rules to lightly and take them to gold-digger extreme while others go to other far side of the spectrum and behave like men are utterly useless taking a feminism way too far, doing it all on their own or acting like their mothers.

I personally sometimes go a tad too far thinking I can do everything on my own, which in most cases is true but it shouldn’t have to be that way. 

A lady should also give an opportunity to a man to be a gentleman and to apply some of the gentleman rules so for those who are borderline on the other side of the spectrum I suggest to: let him pay for food & entertainment (at least in front of friends), let him carry stuff for you , protect you and surprise you with homemade breakfast in bed or a small gift but know the limit and try to make it equal most of the times.

Here are in order of importance rules I found most important:


25 July, 2011

Designer clothes care tips!

   You might remember numerous horror posts I dedicated to my past away black cashmere Ralph Lauren open back sweater which shrank to Barbie size, my high waste leather Topshop Kate Moss collection mini skirt which got ripped in gazillion pieces as if it was swallowed by a paper shredder or my floral silk RL collection dress which now looks like all of it flowers perished, all of these were victims of my evil washing machine! 

I dedicate this post to all of my future designer pieces which will live long and prosperous life due to my new found garment cleaning habits.

Bellow I have listed useful advice I collected during my research – I hope you’ll find it useful lovelies! J

Limit the amount of wearings & dry clean regularly. 
Remove the plastic dry cleaning bags after laundering to prevent damage to the expensive fabric used to create most designer clothes. Send your fine furs and leathers to a furrier for cleaning.

Keep your closet well-ventilated and moth free. Don’t pack your closet to its full capacity. Create 1 inch of space between each hanger in your closet. Dry clean your designer clothes before placing the items into long periods of storage. Store your cashmere sweaters and fine woolens in cotton bags.

Flip graphic tees inside out when washing and always use cool/cold water wash cycle. Always iron while damp.

The gentlest approach for drying is to hang dry. Most of the wear and tear to your clothes is done in the dryer. If you are going to use the household dryer, use the low heat setting and dry them to about 80% dry. Use the hang dry method to finish the last 20% of the job.

Wash color cotton clothes gently in hot water and others in cold water. Some of the rare colors like black, turquoise blue and shocking pink always bleed and require special precautions when washed. Always use liquid detergents specialized for the type of clothes you are caring for.

Cotton clothes require extra care. They can be washed depending on how often they are worn. Get your cottons dry-cleaned after a period of usage. Most cotton clothes need to get starched and the starch makes the cloth fluffy and stiff.

Air-dry your jeans and vintage clothes, and use low drying settings. When it comes to jeans you don't want to wash them after every wear, try every three wears or till they feel dirty.

To maintain the color of your jeans, wash them inside out. If your jeans have faded and you want to add color, wash them together with a pair of new ones that have never been washed. The excess color from the new pair of jeans will transfer to the old pair in the process of washing.

Photos:Lily Donaldson, Gemma Ward & Caroline Trentini 
by Steven Meisel for Vogue US December 2005.

ALWAYS! Read the label and follow instructions.


23 July, 2011

A gold-digger.

Definition of GOLD DIGGER  - noun
 1: one who digs for gold
2: a person who uses charm to extract money or gifts from others
Any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits. A woman who cares more about a man's bank account than she does about the man. The closest male equivalent is a gigolo or boy toy.

I wanted to write the post on this topic awhile ago until recently someone reminded me on the timelessness of this topic and term which people tend to throw around a lot as it relates to mostly women in different situations.

First, I would like to say that more and more I can think of many men fitting in above dictionary description of a term – gold-digger or maybe more politely put – conveniently in-love men.

However as it is mostly relates to women (even in a definition) I went ahead and did a little interview with a friend who proudly saids she indeed picks her boyfriends (often more at a time, but one official one) according to their financial status.

She claims that she feels flattered by their attention and gifts, she likes fancy dinners and vacation they take her to and said that she only acts like men do and sees nothing wrong in that.

First I have judged her, I admit it...but after looking at the bigger picture, I felt sorry for her. I feel sorry because I don't think she believes she deserves better, I don't think she believes she is able to take care of herself on her own and I don't think that she is happy.

Her belief that man should be used „because they are all the same, they lie and cheat“I think it’s sad. Her parents bad marriage and couple of bad relationships do not stand as a proof that all man are the same and should be punished for sins of couple of bad apples who came before them. It is taking an easy way out – and being scared to get to know a guy and maybe even fall in love with him and not his car.

All in all, a potential gold-digger should understand that – although every woman likes nice clothes, shoes & living standard, these cannot hug you back at night, and lonely feels equally lonely no matter the price of the sheets you are lying on. While with being with a man who willingly takes this kind of „treatment“ and goes with it, she gets what she deserves.

Although desirable, Gucci, Hermes, Chanel purses and clothes and expensive cars  are all seasonal, dropping in price and value starting from the day you buy them.

Did we really start measuring love in currency ladies?
What is the broken hearts worth?

"Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you need is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down."
~Oprah Winfrey~


21 July, 2011

Ball(er)s above all!

A friend and a faithful follower of my blog – Darko, suggested to do a style comparison and possibly break or confirm stereotypes on basketball vs. Soccer player fashion style so I came to the idea to conduct the interview among two successful athletes, both of who have the same name, are best friends and hopefully can clear some stereotypes on how these two groups of athletes dress.So let’s see what the balers’ had to say ;)

A soccer player
1. Describe a typical basketball player in 5 words. Baggy, hang, relaxed & cool.
2. Which piece of clothing would you spend most money on? Spikes.
3. What is the difference between your day & night look?
My evening look is a bit more mature as long as my comfort is not jeopardized.
4. Man purse – yes or no? 
Yes but rarely, only when I have too much things or when I am traveling.
5. What is your favorite brand? Diesel.
6. Finish the sentence: I wouldn't be caught dead wearing heels.
7. Woman is the sexiest when wearing lingerie.
8. Your train of thoughts when putting your clothes on in the morning is: 
clean – comfortable – ironed.
9. Who is your fashion role model?
 It’s hard to specify, but most of the famous soccer players dress well.
10. How many logos are sufficient on one outfit?
As long as it’s not over the top but logo is not even necessary.

A basketball player

1. Describe a typical soccer player in 5 words. Branded head to toe.
2. Which piece of clothing would you spend most money on? Shoes and sneakers.
3. What is the difference between your day & night look? 
Depends where I am going but during the day I wear sweatpants, sneakers, sunglasses and in the evening jeans.
4. Man purse – yes or no? Definitely not.
5. What is your favorite brand? Whatever makes 3XL and bigger.
6. Finish the sentence: I wouldn't be caught dead wearing: 
jeans and leather sandals together.
7. Women is the sexiest when wearing: nothing at all.
8. Your train of thoughts when putting your clothes on in the morning is:
pants – shirt – sneakers.
9. Who is your fashion role model: I don't have one.
10. How often do you wear pants different then sweatpants or jeans? 
Once or twice a week I wear suite pants.