29 June, 2011

Love calculator.

Searching→ hoping → trusting → risk taking Love making wish making loving → fighting → questioning cheating → lying→ apologizing denying generalizing → hating → heart breaking heart bruising trust breaking → friend loosing →feelings ignoring → forward moving → love making → risk taking →hoping…

Seems like for people today it is easier to scream then to listen, to pay for the lawyer then to pay for the rose, it’s easier to say "Goodbye" then "I am sorry", it’s easier to judge then to try to understand, it’s easier to assume then to ask, it’s easier to give up then to try harder. It’s easier to drink it over then to talk it over, to replace then to cherish, to criticize then to help, it’s easier to lie then to face the truth.

What’s love, what’s love got to do with it?


28 June, 2011

For the love of the shoe!

Today I am totally shoe inspired after finding this amazing collection of “Wacky Fashion Shoe Illustrations” by Achraf Amiri. I absolutely adore his work! He is a McQueen of fashion drawings.

Enjoy lovelies!



26 June, 2011

Romance by crochet.

Although crochet pieces have always reminded me on those horrific little decorative table clothes that grandmas used to place on top of the TV or a book shelf and pin it down with completely useless dust loving figure of a porcelain angel or a Virgin Marry, I have purchased my first crochet dress at a Rugby RL store about 3-4 years ago and I wore it with vintage brown leather western boots and a thick Rugby belt.

This season (SS 2011.) most designers had at least one black, white and/or ivory crochet piece in their collection from Dolce Gabbana duo to Gucci, Pucci and Ralph, we could have seen maxi crochet dresses, mono-kinies, shorts and blouses which look excellent with jean shorts and chunky heels.

 All photos via google

Here are some inspirational pieces from runway to editorial, beach and street which I am sure you will beautifully individualize to fit your personal lifestyle.

Do you have a crochet piece in your closet already lovelies? What do you wear it with?



23 June, 2011

Summer essentials: Just add water!

In preparation for summer holidays I have compiled a list of my summer essentials for good quality summer vacation. No matter how many days, weeks it might at the end last due to my busy work schedule, I know it will be fabulous as long as I spend it with dear people, relaxing and having fun.

Without further due, I have selected some basics out of which one could compile variety of summer looks day to night while still not going overweight in luggage. 

Also, there are some rules to follow in order to have a relaxing vacation….

#1 It’s ok to be lazy…
#2 Spend time alone to clear your head & unwine...
#3 Don't forget to pack your favorite beach read...
#4 This Summer - its all about maxi (not body weight but dresses & skirts) be sure to pack a piece or two to wear as a beach cover-up or to romantic dinner afterwards. Here are my favorites. During summer - you can also go all out with jewelry - just make sure you then tone down with outfit colors and patterns.
#5 Neon colors are very much in this season - You will definitely not go unnoticed wearing these color swimwear or dresses – color it up for summer! 

#6 Sun is ruthless to your skin and your health – be sure to hydrate a lot! 
#7 ....and protect your head with wearing one of these stylish summer hats!
#8 I like to use summer to rest my feet so I keep my footwear comfortable but stylish - bellow is my selection of fabulous summer sandals.
#9 A piece of clothing you hopefully spend the most summer in is your favorite bikini or a fabulous one piece suite. I have selected a number of pieces for different body types and budgets.
#10 If all of the rules above are completed - I am sure the #10 will come as given. Summer romance is definitely always more impactful and positive although many times quit light and breezy then any relationships during the year - so go ahead - smooch a lot during summer!

"In summer, the song sings itself." 
 ~William Carlos Williams~


22 June, 2011

Welcome to my world!

This is to invite you to my dazzling world of fantasy, drama, fabulosity, fashion, shabby chic furnishing, 24-7 dreaming, romance, hard work, puppy love and Papi love; to my world of inspiration and my hopeless romantic and positive, but real vibe which I am trying to project in my blog posts although sometimes in sarcastic and humorous way.



It has been almost four years now since I wrote my first blog post driven by a bit different things then it' is the case today. I feel like my writing is more structured now and through this blog I have matured and grown together with you who have been following me through all these years – which I love you and thank you for! I am really touched by your emails and comments – they really make my day every time – keep them coming!


Now my blog is more focused but still inspired by same core values and personal interests.

As an extremely hyper person, I do have rather rich personal and professional life out of which I pick the events that triggered my emotions which I think you could relate to and find comfort in, and I share them interested to hear your thoughts and your stories.


Hopeless romantic that I am, both heartaques and crazy in-loves inspire me to write true story short tales which I form into lyrics To Whom It May Concern J I still believe in true, honest, crazy, inconvenient, can’t live without each other kind of love!


 I am still motivated and inspired by fashion trends but I do not report on recycled seasonal trends, my focus is on personalization and innovation which young and fierce new designers bring to this new age fashion industry – which is now more than ever before personalized, global and reactive towards needs which street puts forward.


What motivates you in your daily life lovelies? Do you go after your dreams?

"Insist on yourself. Never imitate."
Ralph Waldo Emerson