27 April, 2011

Color outside of lines.

Some ladies think that being able to wear bright colors varies on your age, lifestyle, job bla bla...
The truth is, the only condition is your attitude darlings. Like Anna Dello Russo Japanese Vogue editor in chief does - turn on your favorite dancing music as soon as you wake up in the morning and look for some color in your clothes, put them together based on your current mood, not based on what you things people might say or by some "rules" of how many and which colors you should match. 

As inspiration for this post I choose: these marvelous McQueen and Jil Sander pencil skirts in vivid colors, some gorgeous designer platforms, stilettos and accessories.

It's all you baby! Color outside of lines!
Enjoy lovelies!


26 April, 2011


It might seem funny and maybe strange, 

but after all those 'barely men', you were a welcomed change,
Pero a causa de usted yo aprendo Español,
My Spanish is the best, cuando pierdes el control and drink some alcohol.

No  lo sé que pasa con nosotros, 
Pensamos de uno al otro más que es usual,
So far there is no fear cause the feeling is mutual.

I like the way you smile and your silly James Dean obsesión,
Quiero cómo su primera impresión when you broke into my apartment with agresión.
Quiero que leamos libros semejantes,
and how we both play basketball con utilizar nuestro inteligence y our finesse.

All of this weird things about us - make you a special man,
nosotros no debemos definir nada, I enjoy spending time with you without a set up plan.


25 April, 2011

Urban gentleman: Man up!

Man up darlings!

 The same way as you are fearlessly playing with balls, rackets and well…each other during sports games and matches why not try to play with fashion trying to express your personal style without blindly following trends or wearing whatever is safe or even worse – whatever it is that you have clean at the moment. Ok - we do think you are sexy looking all ruggedy and confused when you just get up in the morning - but that is not an acceptable day to night look darlin'!

All of you boys have your unique personalities, listen to different music, have different pace and style of living and are still young enough that your body can take various fashion experiments without looking like you try to hard.

Your most common mistakes are:
-Looking boring or the same as any other guy around due to playing it safe or easy
-Wearing wrong size and/or color for your body type/shape
-Wearing to much sports clothes because you are scared to look “gay” in more modern cuts
-Worrying to much on cost & complexity of paying more attention to what you wear

I have attached some photos and video tutorials  for inspiration,which will help you make somewhat classic pieces more hip and stylish and which will show you how not to only wear but also style your clothes once you put it on.

If there are more specific questions/concern you have and would like some help – feel free to email me your inquires by clicking on the e-mail me button on top right .

Enjoy lovelies! 

The finest clothing made is a person's skin,
 but, of course, society demands something more than this.  
~Mark Twain~


24 April, 2011


I don't know about you, but I don't buy sunglasses to often. This is one of the things I don't impulse buy but rather take my time and go through magazines and do a little online research before I select a perfect pair, then I find a store where they have them, go there with one of my brutally honest friends and then finally I make a purchase. 

Well this time, the process was a bit different. I guess this time I went with my gut feeling...there is so much Cat like qualities about me (other then the nickname) like - I am rather wild, have a hard time respecting the authority, taking lots of risks, playful (read not ready to grow up fully), having hard time staying at one place for a long time, sensual and well - my eyes, they change color from hazelnut brown to light olive green when I am upset.

Aren't these frames and shades so deliciously Caty darlings? My top pics are Tom Ford - Nikita's.

Trust me, wearing these give you an instant lady appeal and demand attention.

Dare to wear them!

"Of all God's creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the lash. That one is the cat. 
If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat."

Mark Twain


Bunny time!

Easter as most of other holidays have became a commercial holiday rather than time spent with people we love and time when we focus on people rather on the material things and work.    

Now it is having us all buying bunch of chocolate and Easter candy splurging one last time before full on summer diet regime. 
In terms of dressing, we start wearing brighter colors, white pants, bare legs with skirts and dresses while new sandals are uncovering our freshly pedicures toenails. 

During these sunny days and celebration which Spring in its full divine bloom and Easter holidays bring - try to find a moment and pause, think about what makes you happy, think about risking more and taking chances, falling in love foolishly, spending more time with people you love, doing things for yourself you never get to do and worrying less about keeping up with same old daily routines.

How will you make yourself flourish this spring? 

Weather it is by just spending more time on yourself, buying a new spring hat or going for a coffee in your favorite café with brand new edition of your favorite glossy magazine....

...Whatever you do...be yourself...Do you darlin'! 

“To eat an egg, you must break the shell. ”


19 April, 2011

Spring me in 10!

Ughh...was I busy or was I busy? Posting daily was my 2011. resolution which miserably failed due to completed process of my Proctorization. Spring is hereee what to wear????

Where the hell have I been, quick update is in order:
There is a man.
Learning Spanish.
Insomnia is my middle name.
Xanax is my best friend post traffic accident.
There. Personal update-excuses done. Lets talk fashion now.

My top 10 pieces to buy for this trans-season dangerously flirting with Summer already - now in early Spring.

#1 Diesel  Pink Acid Wash Skinnies.

#2  Long dress to be blown by the wind.

#3 A gorgeous hat darling.

#4 White lacy dress ke che che.

#5 Color crazy.

#6 Wedged for life.

#7 Nudein on the beach.

#8 Clutchin’ in color.

#9 Boyish lady.

#10 Beach coral.

Whatcha say lovelies?


13 April, 2011

The urban gentleman.

I got a lot of requests from men to write a male fashion post and not just to mention them in traces as the "guilty" ones in heart breaking stories and testimonials.  I hear you, you poor victimized men and I shall do just that. ;) (notice the manly navy blue color font I am using).

As I am, after all, a women. I am selfishly focused on more creative and more fun female fashion, one of the reasons I haven't written about men's fashion before was simple - I haven't had enough knowledge to provide constructive comments on trends in male fashion industry. But I have investigated and at least now I can provide you with links to knowledgeable male fashion bloggers writing about male trends.

Male Fashion bloggers

Male magazines

  • GQ
  • Vanity Fair
  • The Vibe
  • VMan
So this post will feature pieces which men I am attracted to wear, so I apologise for being biased in advance.  Naturally, we get attracted to a men/women visually first, then we notice the vibe they project and just after that intelligence and all of those spiritual personality traits - just to keep it real.

So here we go, my man is an URBAN GETLEMAN.  

Urban gentleman's essentials would be:


Sharp fitting suite

Uber cool T-shirts

V-neck and/or cardigans
Dark Jeans & sexy gray sweatpants

Shoes - chucks/ black leather dress shoes/ loafers/ boots 

What do you think lovelies?