02 January, 2012

My top 10 fashion brands: HAKEI

While I was doing a winter closet clean up I realized that most of my clothes comes from a several fashion brands which I have remained loyal to through the years, these are mostly mid to high tier brands, some of which I buy my closet staples from, for which I don’t mind paying higher price for, while others I visit to buy seasonal trendy items.

  Through a series of short posts I will introduce you to my favorite brands which have proven to be of a great quality providing a great price per wear value for me and you might also find something for you there or if nothing else maybe just a creative style inspiration.

I have discovered this amazing Spanish casual wear brand when I started coming to Madrid more frequently to visit my boyfriend. One of the Hakei stores is close to his house, this is where I bought those amazing black biker boots bellow.

Here you can find wider selection of Hakei shoes.

Other then great quality leather and wollen accessories with simple but chic details as braided leather straps and mini metal scull heads on purses, I adore Hakei boots, blazers, jewelry and scarves. Hakei has stores all around Spain but has also opened a store in Paris recently.

Bellow you can see the video from the shooting of the latest Hakei collection advertorial for AW 2011/12. Hopefully you like some of Hakei offering as much as I do :) Trust me, its worth every cent! :)


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