All I want for Christmas is....

Many of us are kind of planning Christmas shopping for weeks and then all of a sudden some anomaly in scheduled week happens its like the black hole in time continuum and all of a sudden - upsss…tomorrow is Christmas Eve and you still don’t have all of the presents and you are terrified to enter the stores because all of those nice-mannered fashionistas all of a sudden start acting like they have been let out of prison early and didn’t have time to adjust back to civilization so they are pushing and pulling each other while waiting in lines to pay or to try on stuff.

So, if you don’t have time to look around or you are scared to get hurt during Christmas shopping mania you can be sure some of my recommended gift ideas bellow, all made by Croatian designers will  look fabulous under every fashionistas Christmas tree!
All Croatian designers:

In my next  post, tomorrow, I will write about some quick and simple ideas on how each of you very busy working girls can decorate your home in a bit of a less traditional and less expensive way for holidays as well as about some cool ideas on how to make some of the presents on your own. J It is 2 am now and I am finalizing one of the 2 presents I am making for my boyfriend.

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.
Roy L. Smith


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  1. Odlican odabir! Rokovnik mi je na wish listi, Elfs carape na slici su ultra-dobre, Lei Lou svaki komad obara s nogu, a i Ledenka sam tek neki dan otkrila…super-sexy cipelice! Ah, da i Fensice - slatke do bola!
  2. Hvala B&W Heaven možda ti Santa donese nešto od navedenoga ;)

    La Kat
  3. lei lou:) ja bih pristala na bilo šta od alex :)
  4. Lei Lou je provjerena kvaliteta :)
  5. ma da samo dobim jednu fensicu bio bi sretan! :P


  6. Hvala na komentaru Dino!
    Fensice su zaista jako slatke :)

Thank you for your lovely comment!

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