The winners of 4 fabulous lady planners are....

I am very, very excited to be able to present you with the winners of the 4 fabulous “Ženski rokovnik” planners! These four ladies bellow are in order our crowned…

Le freak c’est chic – Martina Kravaršćan

Fashion icon – Ivana Marić

Glama mama – Marina Fot

The wild cat – Nataša Brnčić

I would like to thank all of you who are following my blog on facebook via Google Connect and Twitter, also I would like to thank the fabulous team of ladies the producers of Ženski rokovnik. My readers are very important to me and your feedback is truly a gift therefore I will continue (another coming very soon) to award you with fabulous giveaways.

These amazing planners are great Christmas or birthday gift to your mums, sisters and friends; they are truly unique, more on their special features you can read here. Each woman’s personality type can find its match in one of these amazing planners, custom made for ladies based on the current users feedbacks.

Please do not forget that you can buy them for 79 KN each still tomorrow on Interliber book fair, if you can’t make it there they are also available for purchase online, via Facebook, on promo stand in Avenue Mall in Zagreb for a limited time as well as in selected dm stores in Croatia!


6 fabulous comments:

medoKartonski said...
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medoKartonski said...

Ma nisam ni blizu bila ... tek 20-a :/

La Katღ said...

Nema veze! Samo pozitivan stav! Biti ce jos giveaways uskoro :)

Martina said...

omg!! hvala ti puno! neizmjerno veselje ispred laptopa!! :DD

ps: baš sam danas prelistavala svoj rokovnik i gledam kako imam svega par stranica do kraja i kako mi treba novi.. i eto ga! :)))


style-brick-road said...

Čestitke svima! ˆ*

p.s. čestitam na ''pobjedi'' na blogomaniji! :D

i nadam se nekom novom giveawayu da se prijavim. :D ovaj sam, nažalost, propustio. :(


La Katღ said...

Čestitam još jednom Martina :)

@StyleBrickRoad, hvala na komentaru i čestitkama, biti ce uskoro jedan :)

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