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You might have noticed if you follow my blog regularly, that I have a thing for sculls and Rock&Chic alongside of my other elegant and feminine side (like romantic Lei Lou dresses), well we all have angel and demon moods & style needs don't we? J

I have written about my ultimate favorite Alexander McQueen who never really had a competition when it comes to scull branding,however while doing my pre-work for upcoming Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb reviews I have came across an amazing Italian designer and a business owner of a Bad Spirit brand whose collection and work exactly fits my demon mood taste ;) 

Very rockerish, punkish, gorgeously tailored, reasonably priced considering the quality of making and well known Italian quality of manufacturing Bad Spirit brand was founded 1994 by Massimo Sabbadin. Massimo uses skulls and studs, with collections focusing on great rock and punkish bands as Metallica, Iron Maiden and AC/DC whose members love and wear Bad Spirit clothes alongside many other celebrities.

Male and female collections contain jeans, T-shirts, outerwear ( like these amazing leather jackets and sweaters on the photos) accessories like hats, scarves and belts – all inspired by rock lifestyle and embellished with sculls, studs, Swarovski crystals and print.

Massimo has a showroom and a concept store in Via de Amicis in Milan which is decorated in all back furniture, leather carpets and a big black scull featured everywhere as it is a Bad Spirit's logo.

Photo sources: Black leather jacket – www.blondsalad.com; store photos – www.onescentlife.com ; brown lether jacket – www.vogue.com ; Clothes – www.fashionweekzagreb.com

Bad Spirit collections are also available for purchase via numerous online sites and in showrooms in France and Hong Kong.  My only remark (I might be wrong here but I haven't found it) is the lack of brand's presence on Facebook (only FB group but not the page) and no Twitter presence. Hopefully that changes soon as the brand is growing fans rapidly! Amazing stuff! I'm in love!

P.S. Bad Spirit show is scheduled on Friday 25.11. @ Hypo Center Zagreb as part of 17th Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb!


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