Swap until you drop!

Fall is here and you got nothing to wear? Look no further than your friends’ closet!

We all totally crave for full Burberry collection for this fall, me personally, I am a McQueen dreamer....but the reality is that one would need to sell a car to buy one of these collection pieces, however this doesn't mean you can't look fabulous and have a piece or two to follow this fall seasons top trends. As we all know, fashion recycles.

My suggestion is (and something I have been doing for years with my girlfriends) is to organize a clothing swap party, as the saying saids „One person's trash is another person’s treasure! “ If you live with your parents you can also go „closet shopping“in your mum’s, sisters or grandmas closet, just try to make sure they know you are doing it!;)

There are some ground rules to organizing swap party:
  • Invite a group of friends to your house whom you would like to participate in a swap
  • Determine the average condition the clothes should be in: No wholes (unless the trend) / recently washed / not faded / no undies J
  • Each person should at least bring one piece but maybe more
  • Ask to have clothes brought a day before the swap so you can categorize it per size/type
  • Mark a room to be a dressing room
  • Prepare light snacks & drinks for your guests to feel welcomed
  • Ensure that everyone has fun and that swap is fair in terms of the amount people take away

Here is my favorite sweets recipe – macaroons ala Laduree!

Enjoy lovelies!



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Anonymous said...

Wow, baš sam jučer razmišljala kako moram nabavit recept za ove kolačiće i sad ga ti staviš! :) Odlično. <3 Što se tiče razmjene odjeće, to ću prepustiti drugima, jer ja još vjerujem da tuđa odjeća nosi tuđu energiju pa više volim nositi novu ali super ideja za večer s curama. :)) Pozzz.


La Katღ said...

Drago mi je Marina ;)
Mislim da je bitno sto se tice odjece da je energija pozitivna ;)

lola said...

what a great blog with beautiful pictures! i really like it :)

love, lola

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