The island of dreams.

Romantic weekend on the island of dreams,
Where everything feels as lovely as it seems,
The smell of the sea and lavender flower,
Intensified feelings gave word love a new power.

Two passionate nights and two naughty days,
Saying “I want you” in so many special ways.
Only one weekend & next vacation set,
Short street ball game and a kiss to close the bet.

We took a long evening walk, we went to explore,
I climbed a little wall, looked at you making a face which I adore.
When I said I was cold, you pulled me close,
Saying that love warms you instead of clothes.

Mysterious castle – we climbed on the top,
When I was tanning you splashed me, didn’t save a drop.
Trash cans were huge; looking like salt shakers,
After this weekend we became emotional risk takers.


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