Introducing the lovely ladies of the La Passion pour la Fashion bookclub!

It is a true privilege for me to finally introduce you to 7 ladies of La Passion pour la Fashion exclusive book club! 

This selected group of outstandingly successful, smart, confident, independent young and beautiful ladies meets once a month to discuss the book we have together selected for that month favorite read. 

As you can see by their short profile all of these ladies have something in common: they know what they want, no matter the function they love to work, enjoy what they do and are the best at it, they all innovate and search for new opportunities to enrich their lives. They are open for something new; they seize the opportunities life presents to them and are not afraid to take risks. These ladies are anything but ordinary, very similar but so different.

This is how our book selection will be as well, we will continue to explore different genres and comparing our views of the same book all during pleasant ladies only gatherings in the comfort of one of our homes or the loveliest little cafés our city has to offer all while drinking steamy cocoa, coffee or glass of wine and committing some serious chocolate sins with cafés most rich pastries!

I hope you continue to follow this developing adventure of ours!  I will post our book reviews last week of every month, highlighting each ladies comment and point of view. Hopefully many of you will be able to get inspired by, relate to our girly meetings, book reviews and personal stories and read and comment some good books with us!

"If a woman is sufficiently ambitious, determined and gifted 
- there is practically nothing she can't do."

Helen Lawrenson


5 fabulous comments:

Slavica | Pickpocket said...

Bookclub, divno!;)

La Katღ said...

Hvala ti Slavice :)

Fashion Dubrovnik said...

Bookclub :) imam i ja nešto slično, samo što smo mi otvorile zatvorenu grupu na fejsu pa tamo pričamo o knjigama, preporučujemo, tražimo savjete i ideje za svjetsku i hrvatsku književnost :)

Anonymous said...

Suuuupe je draga! Ja sam baš uzbuđena :-)))))


La Katღ said...

Super Fashion Dubrovnik! Posalji nam link da procitamo neke knjige koje vi preporucate! Bilo bi nam drago cuti vasa iskustva! :)

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