I'm 27 today and this is what I learned so far...

Today is my 27th birthday, last five or six years I have spent living in several countries, continents, states and my birthday celebrations weren’t all that, so after a while I have kind of stopped celebrating my B-day all together, as there is always something more important going on, however since about 24th birthday I tend to stop that day despite my extremely hectic and fast pace of life and look back on the year behind me.

So, what have I learned from my last birthday, or what has life confirmed to me to hold true:

Say what you feel, when you feel it, don’t assume other person knows it …as hearts are often broken by the words left unspoken.

Forgive and let go….I learned that people will hurt you as long and as often you let them and as hard as you allow it. The pain will last as long as you don’t forgive, and when you do it, then you set yourself free and you are able to move on. People almost never hurt you because they are just mean; they most often hurt you because they are scared or because they are to weak to say what is on their mind.

It's ok to be alone....There are some things in life (often some of the heardest) that you need to go through alone, where not even your friends and family can hold or talk you through it and that is ok. It is important for you to learn your own limits, to feel the pain. You need to get over it alone and grow from it and become stronger because of it. The moment when you accept yourself and learn about who you are, and love yourself, you can trully love and be there for someone else.

Appreciate what/who you have while you have it…this is one of the things I learned to do with some people. I learned to appreciate and enjoy the moment I am with someone, I learned that each day is a blessing and that sometimes there is no second chances, especially in love. Learn to recognize it, appreciate it, give it back and enjoy it while you have it, don’t take it for granted and cherish it to maintain it. True love doesn't happen often.

Don’t judge people…You don’t know their story…Judging and stereotyping a person is the easiest and the laziest thing to do. In order to give a person a chance, maybe to gain a lifelong friend, you need to listen more than you talk, do it without assuming things, judging or interfering, trying to put yourself in that persons shoes, learn to accept the person as he or she is, with all the positives and the negatives about them... and then be there for them, and let them be there for you.

Smile a lot…even when you feel down, supposedly stretching your face into a smile automatically triggers your brain to start releasing happy hormones, and smile is the only gift that is totally free and it makes a person giving it and person receiving it feels good.

Stand for something….even when you are the only one whose opinion differs, if you have facts to support it and you fully believe in it, defend it, and sell it, make it happened and make a difference. Don’t fall into routine and be satisfied with being average... take some risks when it matters.

What are some of the thighs life has taught you lovelies? Care to share?


8 fabulous comments:

Sienna said...

Sretan rodjendan!!! Moj je isto brzo, u srijedu:)

La Katღ said...

Hvala draga :) Sretnooo :) Nije tak strasno vjeruj mi ;)

Slavica | Pickpocket said...

Sretan! Smile a lot!:*

Fashion Dubrovnik said...

Sretan rođendan. Prelijep tekst :)

Marina said...

Sretan rođendan i sretno sa primjenom svih ovih saznanja na real life ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey draga! Sve najljepše ti želim! Uvijek iznova me raduje čitati tvoje postove, jer kriju strašnu nadu, optimizam i mudrost koja nije baš svojstvena dvadesetogodišnjacima. Želim ti još puno, puno inspiracije koju ćeš pretočenu u riječi, rado dijeliti s nama! :))


La Katღ said...

Drage Slavica, Marina, Anela & Fashion Dubrovnik,

Hvala Vam puno na komentarima i cestitkama, vasi mi komentari puno znace i usmjeravaju moje daljnje postove dajuci mi do znanja kad sam na pravom putu u nacinu na koji pisem! True Divas!
Xoxo, Kat

Gear said...

Sve najbolje!! :))))

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