Thank you!

These are one of the first words most kids are thought at the early age by the proud parents who twitch the hand or pet their kids head when they are given something by someone saying: “Brian, honey, what do we say?” Or “Say thank you sweetheart!”

Even though we are repeatedly thought the same lesson throughout our lives by our parents, family, teachers and later companies we work for – do we really say it when and to whom it matters? Do we really mean it?

This is a quit personal post, but this is after all my personal blog J this is to say thank you to hero ladies who made a significant impact in my life and shaped me into who I am today and who I am striving to become.

TO MY GRANDMAS ….  Who were true ladies, hard working, classy and most fashionable women in town; both of them knew how to hold their families together by being a strong support to their husbands and gentle but determined hand which lead the family & steered each of the kids towards personal independence with no excuses. Thank you for creating a family full of strong, independent, successful and beautiful ladies. Thank you! RIP.
TO MY MOTHER … who taught me to march to my own drum no matter what, who showed me the power of forgiveness, who taught me to lead with my heart and never to settle with anything less than exactly what I deserve and who continuous to show me that impossible is nothing. From her I learned that love is an unselfish and honest gift with which you give your whole self, expecting nothing in return. She reminds me to keep a child in me alive and stay creative weather making a smiling scrambled egg for breakfast to my boyfriend or jumping head in into new assignment at work. Thank you!

TO MRS.DEB & MRS.JENN… You were my American mothers, sisters, friends and extended family. From you I learned that life brings diversity, that not all situations in life are black or white. You supported me when I was hurt, provided a true role model of successful and strong women, mothers and ladies. You taught me everything from how to cook peanut noodles to how to put on a diaper and how to dump a bad news boyfriend. Thank you!

TO MY LITTLE ANGELS…Julia & Meg, Carolyn & Patrick. You made me realize and experience that there is such thing as unconditional love. You make me proud every day as you are growing into incredibly talented and strong young women & a man and I think about you very, very often as you impacted my life tremendously. Thank you!

TO MY GIRLS….Anita, Iva, Maja, Tea, Armina, Matea….You cried, danced, drank, fought, painted furniture, cooked, got in trouble, partied hard,  made mistakes, studied, worked out, together with me & you are still doing it. You are my kick in the butt when I need it, my favorite coffee dates, my long night calls, my book club and my support system. Thank you!

Who did you say thank you today lovelies? Don’t assume they know it.

"If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is 

'thank you', it will be enough." 

~ Meister Eckhart~


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