Rings of memories.

There are various symbolisms behind wearing a ring through history. I, myself was curious to learn more about it because I realized that I am emotionally attached to every jewelry piece I have. Each of my jewelry pieces has a story behind it, some evoke happy and some sad memories.

    I have a Swarovski necklace with heart pendant which was thrown into a wall numerous times by me and my ex upon breaking up. I have a turquoise ring which reminds me on flea markets in NYC and laughing so hard with my friends that our jaw was hurting afterwards. I remember a pair of thin silver promise rings which one of my exes and I purchased and then buried in Central Park….for some, at the time romantic reason.

There are so many different symbolic types of rings: mother ring, engagement ring, promise ring, friendship ring, school ring, diamond ring, mood ring, wedding ring…for me the ring was always a matter of emotion more than about diamond carats and its intrinsic value.  

When it comes to styling the rings with my daily outfits I prefer to wear one statement ring rather than a hand full, this way it has a chance to shine, and tell its story….as each of them has one.

How about you lovelies? Are there rings you never take of your finger? What are the stories you can remember about your jewelry?

"The most precious jewels are not made of stone, but of flesh."  
~Robert Ludlum~


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