Refresh your closet with some MINT!

Fashion Photographer BALDOVINO BARANI "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

As we are sadly, slowly but surely transitioning from summer to fall, there are trends which arose in SS 2010 collections remained in fall 2011 collections and continued on transitioning in different shapes, shades and forms. One of these is mint or vintage green which I absolutely adore!

   Let me tell ya darlings…I like everything mint. I always carry coffee mints in my purse, distribution of which to my ladies after coffee dates looks like a drug dealing, my favorite Starbucks drink is skim milk grande peppermint mocha, I am a lover of vintage design and colored furniture from the days my grandma had such mint color furniture in her vacation house where my parents now live.

      When it comes to clothing and accessories my favorites are maxi draped skirt in mint green, nail polish, clutch purse and mint blazer. These are the pieces I am looking and decided to invest in to give a fresh breath to my fall closet.

 There are fabulous statement mint green leather jackets & suits for men as well - my boyfriend the other day said he would like to find a light green hoodie to go with his sneakers which reminded me to look for more sophisticated looks for men in green as well, I hope my male readers will approve of my selection bellow.  

     I also adore mint green crochet sweaters, mint green pieces in combination with hot pink which is one of my favorite colors as well; it looks great with rusty orange, vintage brown leather, white, blue jean but also with red.

                                             All Fall 2011.RTW

I would love to hear if you like this trend as well and what are the pieces you would like to have in mint green lovelies? J


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Gaby de Modacapital said...

Hi pretty!!
I really love your blog and your style!
I follow you :D
... maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too (I hope you like it ;) )
Kisses from México city!

La Katღ said...

Hi Gaby!
Thank you, you have a wonderful blog.
I love your look expecially blue jacket with stripe dress :) Lovely.

La Kat

Iz Andrew said...

cool color ,is one of my favorites

La Katღ said...

Thank you Andrew! :)

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