Oh, I Love New York!

Recent happenings in the City brought back some old feelings and memories and made me really worried about the awesome friends I left behind. 

It is funny, but it seems like once you lived in New York, you are forever a New Yorker in a  way, it's like a piece of you stays there, I know which piece of my stayed in the City.

I have my opinion about the City and what it does to a person…it changes you, it changes you a lot. After ups and downs, various life & love battles, victories and defeats I can with certainty say…that this is the place that can take you to your lowest and skyrocket you to your highest but in return – it will consume your soul.

At the end, it is never about the walls, buildings, stores and glam…it is about people, their energy and desire, and people don’t come to NY to waste time, because the City would eat them alive! People come to try to achieve something for themselves; they come to chase their dreams (LTFD). Some do it by any cost, alone and lonely and some do it with care and integrity, slowly and steadily and some risk it all and loose themselves in the process.

Here is why I love you New York…

I love the kick in the butt, the energy your streets give me as soon as I walk out the door. Its a special rush feeling, GO GO GO! All day and all night! No stopping!

I love how rude and cocky your people are, they say it how it is, and mean it how they say it cause time is money.

I could feel, smell, touch and hear the fashion at the each of your street corners.

I love sitting in Starbucks early in the morning, typing a new blog post with a fresh cup of tall skinny peppermint mocha.

I love trying vintage clothes for hours in “Loveday 31” vintage store in Astoria, Queens.

I love buying bread and overpriced toilet paper from a charming old Arabian guy from the corner tobacco store who calls me “Hey pretty lady!” and helps me carry laundry home from laundry place.

….and I hate you New York…I hate you because you took the soul of someone I loved.

….Dear New York, I love you, but I love me more.

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere;
 it’s up to you, New York, New York”


4 fabulous comments:

Sarah said...

I really need to go back and visit new york!

La Katღ said...

Hi Sarah,
I go for fashion weeks, and at this point in my life, this is just enough. :)

Anonymous said...

...isto je bilo meni u Zagrebu, ali to nije mjesto - to su godine koje daju mjestu značenje...

La Katღ said...

Djelomično se slažem, iako za mene su mjesta povezana sa ljudima s kojima sam tamo provodila vrijeme. Imala sam se priliku uvjeriti kakav je osjecaj stajati nasred 5th Avenue s punim sjajnim dizajnerskim vrecicama i suzama u ocima. I kako je to cekati nekoga na 42nd street u Starbucksu da izadje s posla da idemo na veceru...nije to isti New York. ;)

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