Emotional switch.

On.Off.On.Off.On.Off.On…..Off. I wish it was that easy, and we could do it with our feelings. I wish there was an emotional switch. So, you meet a guy, the guy is nice, the guy is honest, smart, you date a guy, you like the guy, you do stuff for a guy, sacrifice your own pleasures to be together cause he is worth of it, you fall in love with a guy  - ON.

You find out that the guy is SMSing and Facebooking with other girls, the guy was lying to you and becoming more and more relaxed going further in a relationship – OFF.

Noup. Doesn’t work like that. This is one thing where you can’t learn on other peoples mistakes, you need to feel it & experienced it on your own skin, over and over again, and we never learn – because heart...the heart is forever inexperienced.

It's today, in this day and age, with Facebook and Twitter, Email and Skype, sms and Viber on the go loyalty, monogamy, fidelity and honesty to much to ask? Is it threatened to extinct?

Continuing on my “Masks off” post, visiting a “The museum of broken relationships” in Zagreb today, I could not help but wonder if human qualities Ilisted above are not needed anymore?

Let’s see, what has changed? The way we communicate did.

   On social media site profiles, we can be who ever we want to be, the better the profile picture taken in now worldwide official photo booth – our restroom, the more likes we get. This photo became very important – so with your best push up bra, make up and bad bathroom lightning in your parents apartment – an average girl who you would never notice on the street suddenly becomes mini Angelina Jolie!

Social media sites today, mainly Facebook – have became biggest dating sites, giving even people with lack of social skills and average looks the opportunity to shine and present themselves in better light, on the safe wireless distance from the person they are talking to.

   So now such sites have become a place where you can establish a first contact, meet in person, fall in love and then be paranoid throughout your relationship every time your partner is online thinking – who is that girl he added? Is he poking her?

 It seems like we have became increasingly oblivious to and ungrateful towards basic human morals and qualities we recognize in people who are by our side daily. With this increased speed and means of communication we have today we feel like we have infinite options and we are never sure of our current romantic choices.

 Is the girl I am with the best I can find? Maybe that blond girl with big boobs who is a model is better in bed then my girlfriend? …hmm…Nothing wrong with poking her and chatting once in a while…If my girlfriend doesn’t know it can’t hurt her..Right? Wrong. OFF.

Maybe that guy with six pack sitting in brand new (dads) Audi on his profile picture and brain surgeon degree (in his info tab) at the age of 25 is better choice for me, he poked me twice today!….hmm…Wrong. OFF.

What do you think darlings? 
Many might disagree and call me old fashion and overly romantic…but I still believe there is that one and only person that is just perfect for each of us. 
I believe relationships are full of ups and downs, challenges, makeups and breakups but we became too easy to quit and too fast to run away when the going gets tough.

Maybe I am wrong...but..."ja se neću smirit"....until I know the man I am with is right for me. No lies. No hiding. No side pokes & likes. I still prefer skin to skin versus wireless connection anyday! I want them always ON.

 „In a world of infinite options
there's no better feeling than knowing you only have one." 


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Marina said...

Jako dobar post, mislim da si sve odlično obuhvatila i složila bi se gotovo sa svim... Jedino u čemu se naša mišljenja razlikuju je što ja ne vjerujem da postoji one&only... i snaga početne zaljubljenosti mi je postala poprilično nevažna jer ta početna zaljubljenost brzo izblijedi... treba naći osobu u koju ćete se iznova zaljubljivati ne zbog neke početne kemije već zbog toga kakva je ta osoba. Nije lako, treba puno tražiti i biti duže s osobom da vidiš da li je to to, ali vrijedi... ja sam s dragim već preko 5 godina i svakih par mjeseci se ponovno ludo zaljubim u njega :-))

Katarinaღ said...

Hvala Marina na lijepo komentaru!
:) Da..mozda trebam sletiti malo ali buduci da sam drama queen i poprilično lebdeća kad se radi o ljubavnim odnosima i sve gledam kroz ružičaste naočale...nažalost sumnjam da će se dogoditi. Ne tražim, al možda me nađe... :)

Fernanda Mddr said...


Katarinaღ said...

Thank you Fernanda, I got a number of email of people who said they could relate :)

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