Designer quickie: Armina Fazlić

What was the reason you started writing a blog and what does your blog mean to you and what do you expect from it? What type of blogger would you classify yourself as?
For quite some time, I have felt that I need a creative outlet, where I would be able to let my inspiration run wild without any restraints. Blog is a perfect option for that, so a few months ago, I just created my blog: Black&WhiteHeaven, and started posting photos of the things from my surrounding that inspire me. I don't think I fall under any specific category of blogger, and I choose not to; whatever comes across my mind, and makes me personally happy, or inspired, my thoughts, expectations, places I like, fashion that amazes me, or just random things I find inspiring, will end up on my blog. I hope, that my readers will find inspiration in my posts, as well.

Do you think bloggers should be treated as traditional journalist and why?
I think bloggers are bloggers, and they should not be treated as anything else, but exactly that. Each blogger is all; a journalist, a photographer, a web designer, a lector, a PR agent,  a marketing expert, and so much more. 
    In my dictionary, a blogger  is a smooth combo of all skills encompassed in all of  those professions, with a very personal twist. That personal twist is actually, what makes bloggers stand out, since there is no one else out there, editing, cutting, or directing the road they are taking. Each blogger takes their own road, and that is what I like the most about blogging.

Who are your favorite regional bloggers and what is your general opinion when you compare them with the ones from western countries?
I don't really know so many regional bloggers, but (besides La Passion pour la Fashion, of course), my favorites are 'Ko ne voli cipele, ne voli ni ljude' by Jelena Karkas - Belgrade, 'Pink Flowers' by Natasa - Novi Sad, 'Fashion & Dreams' by Minni - Sarajevo, and 'Fashion and Style' - by Vanja M. - Belgrade.
     Elle Serbia featured an article about Serbian bloggers in May '11, and it was a great way to promote bloggers, I believe magazines from Bosnia & Hezegovina, as well as Croatia should do the same. 
   I haven't noticed much difference in comparison to those from western countries, expect that are just a few bloggers in the region. I guess bloggers in our part of the world are yet to come.

When did you start making jewelry and who is your target shopper?
Jewelry design has been my passion and hobby ever since I was a teenager. However, for the past few years I was focused on some other things in my life, and just about the time I started my blog, I also started a jewelry collection called Be Happy., (just recently featured on my blog). This is my first commercial collection, and it is already getting a great feedback. My target shoppers  are those who adore bold, colorful and unique jewelry, and are forever young at heart.

What are the main obstacles for you when placing your jewelry up on market for sale and what is your plan on how to do it?
I haven't faced any yet, or maybe I am just so excited about my design that any obstacle seems like a piece of cake! At this moment I am working on setting up a shop at Etsy, and I hope that within the next year I will open a shop in Sarajevo. I am also  planning a promotional event in Sarajevo, that will actually be the key in placing my jewelry out there for my customers. 

How do you see the the relationship between the quality of local designers work and the prices of their pieces?
I believe that many local designers lack the business sense in general, and that the prices of their products are way too high for the local market, and the buying power of the customers. It's not necessarily that they do not correspond to the quality of the pieces, but many of designers value their piece a lot, but when they place them for sale they end up being disappointed with the customers' feedback. I understand it's quite ok to value your products, but each designer has to think about the target market, and the ability of that market to purchase their designs, just like in any line of business. 

What materials do you use in making jewelry and where will it be available for purchasing?
I use wood, plastic, and glass beads, wire, satin, cotton fabrics, and lace. My jewelry is currently available for sale in Bosnia&Herzegovina only, all orders are handled via email, and will be available worldwide from October this year at Etsy. 
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