Announcing: Croatian trade show event September 30th to October 2nd

Some of you might remember, last year when it was first organized I announced this trade show event and wrote a short note about it and my expectations from it. 

Due to other work obligation unfortunately I was not able to attend all of the activities, but on the day when I went to pick up my Lei Lou dress I spoke with some designers who were exhibiting their collections here and they said that the whole thing was organized quit well, however the attendance was not good (maybe because there was an entrance fee) and although they had to pay for booth space most designers haven't sold much at all, also there was no to many fashion buyers if any, most people were fashion lovers who came to support their favorite local designers and pick up their preordered pieces.

On the other hand, the venue selected was quite effective, venue merchandising was done in a very interesting and modern way and I loved the connection with technology but I would prefer to see the shows in the different, more historic and more elegant venue seperate from trade event.

Here is the last years video resume:

 The event logistics were really immaculate, sponsors were well covered and the whole event was quite covered in media. Supposedly this year there will be joined tickets together with another event so people will get more value for their money, hopefully, more true fashion buyers and people from fashion business world will attend this year and network with young designers.

For this year event I would suggest organizers to invite and host international fashion event organizers and fashion media editors and bloggers, and most definitely to have collection previews and/or networking activities for fashion bloggers from the region.

I will definitely try to spend more time on this event this year upon my return from London and write a more comprehensive review, in terms of local designer’s quality in attendance, I am sure each of you will be able to find something for themselves so please do come to Zagreb and spread the word!

See you all there lovelies!


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sara said...

volim tvoje postove i jos se pratimo na tw ;)
event ce bit otvorenog tipa za sve posjetitelje ali pretpotstavljam da revije idu samo na odabrane?
nova sam u blogger svijetu pa hvatam svaku mogucu informaciju.
ako zelis posjetit moj blog bilo bi mi drago cuti i tvoje misljenje!

till next reading! xx

La Katღ said...

Bok Sara,
Mrak ime bloga. Hvala ti sto me pratis :) Za reviju postoje vise vrsta pozivnica i akreditacija (press,vip,photo etc.) bar tako mislim. Meni je proteklih godina bila zanimljiva jedino Alex i njezina revija buduci da mi je prijateljica privatno ali i vrlo profesionalno,konzistentno ali i prodajni izuzetno uspjesno radi vec godinama a sada napokon ubire i plodove tog rada.Pogledam blog pa javim sto mislim. ;)

Nina said...

da sam blize dosla bi :(

La Katღ said...


Budem te ja izvjestavala, imas i u Kanadi blogger evenata, posalji mi mail pa ti vratim koji link.

La Kat

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