True diva.

It’s hard to be diva lovelies. Being a diva is a 24/7 job. This title is not to be obtained but it is nurtured and comes naturally.

Diva is a true lady. She is effortless but chic, always elegant and polite. She is a bit mysterious but confident. Diva dresses well, she is not a victim of current fashion trends, she is a trendsetter.  She walks with her head up; she is financially independent but lovely, gentle and modest.  She is sensitive and she is not a social snob.  

Diva holds her own; she is a gentle fighter and graceful winner. Her presence is always noticed but never provoked. Diva uses but not abuses being women. Diva lets a man protect her but not own her; she is a sensual lover and equal partner.

Diva sits in each of you. Evoke your inner diva ladies.
         “Actually, I take it as a compliment. Diva is a derivative of divine.             That's quite a title to carry around.”  Calista Flockhart

“It isn’t what I do, but how I do it. It isn’t what I say, but how I say it, 
and how I look when I do it and say it.”   Mae West

“Each of us has that right, that possibility, to invent ourselves daily. If a person does not invent herself, she will be invented. So to be bodacious enough to invent ourselves is wise.” 
 Maya Angelou

“So if diva means giving your best, then yes, I guess I am a diva.”   
Patti LaBelle

“The word diva to me means doing something supernatural 
with something natural. “  Patti LuPone

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 
 Mae West
 “I want my tombstone to say ‘She Lived.’ 
  Elizabeth Taylor


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