The rules of a lady.

As I have in one of my previous posts highlighted a number of gentleman rules which I found important to point out as behaviors or gestures that are lately rarely ever seen with young men, this post I dedicate to some of my favorite famous ladies and rules I thought they stand for and have lived by. 

Same as with men, today many women forget to behave like ladies, some take the rules to lightly and take them to gold-digger extreme while others go to other far side of the spectrum and behave like men are utterly useless taking a feminism way too far, doing it all on their own or acting like their mothers.

I personally sometimes go a tad too far thinking I can do everything on my own, which in most cases is true but it shouldn’t have to be that way. 

A lady should also give an opportunity to a man to be a gentleman and to apply some of the gentleman rules so for those who are borderline on the other side of the spectrum I suggest to: let him pay for food & entertainment (at least in front of friends), let him carry stuff for you , protect you and surprise you with homemade breakfast in bed or a small gift but know the limit and try to make it equal most of the times.

Here are in order of importance rules I found most important:


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