Many think of jealousy as something dire,
Yet its definition saids it shows our desire,
As long as it stays within the lines,
There is no feeling it undermines.
So don’t think of it as a negative feeling,
Think of it as proof she is scared to lose you,
 And that she finds you appealing.

Maybe it’s still early and you don’t know me that well,
Maybe wrong assumptions rang that warning bell.
Why not keep our hearts open?  So if we ever share the keys,
I am sure the relationship will remain as light as the breeze.

I don’t want you to wear the sign reservada,
Our relationship shouldn’t force you to sacrifice nada.
I want you to wear my invisible hug,
To hold you tighter when you are lonely and need a snug,
To remind you I care for you even when you’re mad,
To prove to you l’ll do everything possible to never see you sad.
To know that what I am saying is honest and true,
To remind you that I am always thinking of you.


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