Gentleman rules.

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Gentlemen are indeed an endangered species today. This topic is rather sensitive, so when I was discussing it with my male friends they claim that they are not acting like gentleman because many women are not acting like true ladies these days and often abuse the gentleman gestures.  
On the flip side my female friends claim that gentleman are rare to find and that it seems that being a gentleman is not “trendy” right now so many young men are very confused and not quite sure how to be a gentleman towards ladies and at the same time fit in their “wolf pack” and stay cool and macho with their friends.

As I am a lucky enough to currently be dating a gentleman, I felt like sharing a kind reminder to “Gentleman rules” in a series of posts dealing with different topics of what “being a gentleman” is all about with those men who are using a various lazy excuses not to be one, or with the ladies who choose to settle for men who are not gentlemen.

My personal opinion is the following - in order to be treated like a lady, a women must hold herself to the higher standard and act like a lady at all times, not just when convenient  – same goes for a gentleman.  The fact of life is that women are although equal to men – physically weaker gender which is if no other – good enough reason for a man to protect and help her out with at least physical tasks.

Secondly, gender, religion and all other differences and personal preferences aside we would all like to be treated with love, care and respect. So simple, eternal rules:  don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t cheat and treat others as you would like to be treated which we were all taught before the age of 5 by our parents should be applied and repeated to ourselves as mantra each morning  in front of the mirror just like our daily moisturizing cream.

Out of curiosity I would like to hear from you what does it mean for you to be a gentleman and why do you think they are threatened to instinct lovelies?


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