The bubble.

Some might think your life is easy; money earned can make them dizzy.
They see your life as very shallow, easy, fun and mostly mellow.
They label you as one of the same:
luxury, low IQ, cheap women, fast cars and the fame.

It’s easy to judge those who have made it stately
 and most of their lives sacrificed greatly.
This way envious makes himself feel better, 
rather than admitting that he’s never been a go-getter.

 Please never forget that together we have built a bubble,
 In which we are immune to and protected from all the outside trouble.
Our bubble protects us from the irrelevant things, 
outside noise and all that jealousy brings.
It bounces of all of the Facebook stalkers, hurtful comments and gossip talkers.
It keeps us safe and closely together,
 inside of our bubble it is always sunny weather.

Remember I’ll be with you through sunshine and storm; 
nothing can break the bubble we form. 


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