THE NEW WORLD ORDER, 13th Avenue B (Lower East Side)
-         According to experiences vintage hunters this is one of the best vintage shops in the City
-         Unusual and exclusive carrying designer names like: Gucci, Hermes, Chanel, and Galliano etc.

MARMALADE, 172 Ludlow Street, Lower East Side
-         Variety of price points, one of the oldest in the City
-         Favorite place to borrow clothes for shoots from by many magazine’s stylist and editors

LOVEDAY 31, Astoria Queens
-         My very favorite vintage store, partially because of the many good memories, gorgeous vintage finds boots, purses, dressesbut also because it is in the neighborhood where I used to live

-         Named best vintage store in NYC in 2010. By New York Times
-         Opened online in 2009. – surprisingly good prices
-         Seasonally featuring outfits in step with current fashion trends


DECADES, 8214 Melrose Avenue, LA
-         Offers full on vintage glamour
-         Favorite shop of LA’s fashionistas & stylists
-         Great selection of Pucci blouses, Missioni’s soft knits and sexy Dior cocktail dresses (psss....soon coming to Chicago as well)

-         Los Angeles based online store featuring Mad Men dresses from 50’s, mod styles from 60’s, costume jewelry, handbags etc.
-         Check out their blog:


BEYOND RETRO, 110 – 112 Chesire Street
-         Vintage store chain with locations in: London, Brighton, Stockholm and Göteborg
-         Unique vintage clothes from all around the world rather reasonably priced
-         Drive by moto: more style and less obsession with labels

ANNIE’S VINTAGE COSTUME & TEXTILES, 12 Camden Passage, Islington   
-         Hosting clients like: Kate Moss, Galliano, Pearl Lowe etc.
-         Home of vintage treasures from 30’s
-         Great place to find eccentric accessories like feather capes & sequined hats
-         Expensive but there is always a discount bin

ABSOLUTE VINTAGE, 15 Hanbury Street
-         Great online and bricks and mortar vintage shop
-         Best online and offline selection of vintage accessories
-         Good chances of scoring treasures under affordable prices
-         Site specializes in accessories and has the biggest selection of vintage shoes and bags under affordable prices

-         Great spot for vintage collectors and great deal finds
-         Has bricks and mortar location in London
-         Clothes is organized by decade from 20’s on


FREE’P’STAR, 8 rue Sainte-croix de la Bretonnerie & 61 rue de la Verrerie
-         Friperie – means second-hand shop on French
-         Positioned in the heart of trendy Marais
-         Features huge selection with many bargains (up to 20£)

NEILA VINTAGE AND DESIGN, 28 rue de Mont-Thabor
-         Favorite spot of many Paris stylists with great selection of Cardin, Givenchy and YSL
-         Expensive but inspiring

-         Expensive but label-conscious and oh so French
-         Great place to find amazing vintage accessories, bags and jewelry

VINTAGE PARIS, 97 Rue Viellie du Temple, Marais
-         Great place to find (expensive) vintage accessories from different time periods
-         Classic French style designers from different areas


GRANDMA TAKES A TRIP, 263 Crown Street, Surry Hills
-         More of a fashion museum then a vintage shop with more than 8,000 pieces in stock
-         First impression at the entrance is mesmerizing


-         Great mix of old vintage clothes and new collection pieces by yet unknown young designers
-         Features typical garments of every decade: 50’s Dior & 90’s H&M


EVA,  Avenue side Daikanyama 1B, 2-1, Sarugakucho, Tokyo
-         Offers classic elegant selection featuring Dior, Hermes and Chanel but also carrier less expensive vintage pieces
-         Great selection of vintage accessories: shoes, jewelry, bags, boots and valets

-         Leading consignment shop in Tokyo
-         Featuring full spectrum of designers: Comme de Garsons, Yohyi Yamamoto
-         Usually quit expensive but it is not impossible to find a bargain


-         Also has a physical (brick and mortar) shops in Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Brussels, London, Rotterdam and Paris
-         Easy to use site where you can search by garment and type
-         Offers great selection of vintage items under reasonable prices

-         The leader and the most obvious place for great vintage finds
-         Key is to select the closest country to minimize shipping costs
-         Offers unlimited selection of amazing vintage treasure and reviews are always helpful for reference

-         Expensive but amazing old-school romantic
-         Offer gorgeous ball gowns, bridal gowns, cocktail dresses, corsets and bags

-         Low priced new home made clothes out of vintage fabrics 

I have added all of these locations and more on google map for easy find if yu ever decide to travel the world to find most exclusive vintage treasures ;) 

Worlds best fashion vintage shops



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