D Day - design fair in Croatia.

The event occurred at abandoned industrial complex – an old slaughterhouse in Zagreb – envisioned as a design showroom, trade sales event as well as networking, educational and entertainment venue which gathered more than 60 young creative designers from Croatia, but also some guests from the rest of the region. Designers were representing various disciplines from fashion to industrial design, furnishing, new media, jewelry, volunteering and architecture.

The event program was rather rich and comprehensive. My friend Iva and I have visited the last day of the event – featuring D-Market where we had the opportunity to buy some of the unique designer pieces.

Bellow we have captured those pieces which occupied our attention the most.  In case any of the bellow interests you, I have collected their contacts and commented on their work bellow each photo based on the short interviews I conducted with the designers.

The whole event was very well organized and agenda with all the designers information, quotes and other detailed info was issued in form of a bilingual newspapers.

The old historic venue gave a special touch to the whole positive vibe of the event, I even found an old direction sign from long time ago directing to Zenica – Bosnia.

Designer duo Branka Šeparović and Maja Šimunović behind their clothing brand Roba had the most holistic and creative communication in terms of presentation, promo stands decoration and mechandising.

Roba Store, Preradovića 30, Zagreb

They create timeless and classic, but unique pieces which do not depend on seasonal trends and can fit numerous personality types. My favorite were soft black lether colar which almost looks like a jewery piece and can be easily worn with T-shirt on as a jewery on strapless dress for red carpet gala and a sholder piece which can be also worn on numerous way and which will most certanly demand attention. Roba stand offered bloody red cherries as a snack and packed their clothes into meat foil  to stay in the spirit of the events historic venue. They even did an editorial shoot inspired by butchers in slaughterhouse! Bravo for the effort ladies! 

Vedrana Mastela was working with suade and cotton fabrics  - although very simple in cut her work is very much wearable, economical as well as eco friendly. She is certainly keeping up with green trends of the design for the new millenium.

Krpa.hr is a rather new, alternative social network which in only 3 months managed to gather more then 200 fashion fanatics – models, make-up artists, designers etc. who create and update their profiles and network. Some of the the designers – protégés of Krpa.hr featured on D-Market were: Pinkeye’s Twisted Jewelry, Little Wonder, Irena Vučinić, Tea Rihtar, Kris Tija, Dott, naLa purses, REC and Bitemystyle. Krpa also hosts local fashion and beauty bloggers as part of their network content. 

These amazing bracelets among other divine things you can find at: Prostor store & gallery, Mesnička 5, Zagreb or purchase them online on www.prostor.com. 

"Lolina kućna manufaktura" by Gorana Lolić & Goran Villi - is a small brand of pop-art inspired jewelry made with technique of decoupage. Iva and I spent a lot of time on this stand playing with rings featuring local political figures, folk singers etc. at the end I purchased a vintage looking ring with black and white photo of Audrey Hepburn.

Iva was a one day ahead of me as she visited the event day before me as well so she noticed a pair of amazing sunglasses she came back with me to buy. The brand is called Sheriff & Cherry and it has been founded by young fashion and graphic designer Mauro Massarotti (who has amazingly blue eyes). Massaroti has helped to revive a local sport shoe brand Startas from Borovo in Vukovar, Croatia but he has also cooperated with Ellesse Heritage, Lacoste, Ghetaldus, Zooo, Parosh and many others.

Other then fashion and social media – if you read some of my  previous posts you know I am also passionate about environmental sustainability in fashion but also in daily life. This is why this stand was so motivating and inspiring for me – there was not much info about it nor business cards but it sure looked amazing!

All photos by Iva Mažar 

At the end of our walk around I came across this lovely jewelry box – coffee table, I almost wanted to buy it as it really looks amazing and would fit perfectly in my apartment but Iva reminded me that we are going to Hrelić (local vintage market) this weekend so I restrained myself from purchasing it.

How do you like what we found lovelies? Have you had the chance to visit this event? Who's work did you like the best?



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