Designer quicky: FYODOR GOLAN

Last week we met at Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb, what is your impression of young Croatian designer's collections? Did you notice somebody special?
We think young Croatian designers need to pay attention to all the aspects of high fashion from show, details and quality finishing, and not forget that their creations are created for other people. Keep in mind who is it for. 

What did you like and what didn't you like about the organization?
We felt that this was very well organized event. It had good pace and we didn't feel any stress. It was both business and pleasure trip because just before we left we were approached by a buyer.

You spent couple of days in Zagreb - what do you think about fashion sense of Croatian women? We think women in Croatia are stunning and they should really show it more, have an edge and take more risks. Let’s see more of Fashion! We loved your choice of dress on the last night. 
(My choice of dress was of course Lei.Lou by Alex Dojčinović)

How does your creative process from an idea to execution works since you work in pair?
Does working together affect your private life? It’s a collaboration and mix of ideas, we love to explore opposites. But for the working process we do few things totally together but mostly we decide between us who does what and then we talk and see it from others point of view. A lot of working and a lot of talking. It doesn't really affect us because what we do is what we are and we are married. 

How do you comment when one said that your work has a strong McQueen influence? Is this a conscious decision or does resemblance has its root in similar schooling and cultural influencers? We know when designer starts to be out there they would be compared to someone, everyone went through it. Even McQueen was compared to genius Mugler. It’s a great honored to think of us that way because we know how much effort and time he put in his design process, and we do the same. The difference between us is in attitude and the feeling how we portray things. He was aggressive and there was always romantic side mix with dark side, with us it’s more about melancholy and strong women but from women's perspective and exploring differences things that not really go together, but it in our work they do.

Who is a woman who you create for, who is Fyodor Golan women? FYODOR GOLAN is designed for the global modern Women. Confident, sexy and an intellectual. She is not afraid to show both sides of her personality, she can have fire and energy, but she can also be gentle and emotional.

Your AW 2011/12. Collection is quit clean and focused, it has a perfect balance between couture elements and unique RTW collection - seems like many dresses are red carpet ready, who are the celebrities who wear your clothes? Thank you. That is our focus; we want to create perfect balance between Couture and RTW. For us Fashion without Tradition and moving along with new technology is not fashion, Fashion is not just creativity and its not art but its business as well. We constantly challenge ourselves only that way you can discover and achieve progress. We worked with Lady Gaga, but we would love to create for Nicole Kidman, Eva Green, Ronit Elkabetz, Renata Litvinova, Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson.

Where can one buy your collection around the world? Do you have intention ad capacity currently to expand to the bigger markets like - US, Middle East and China? At the moment we are at the start of our business, but our collection is sold at Russel Street boutique in Hong Kong and at our website with option order online. You can send us an email and we will reply quite quickly back to you.

What is the price range your collections are in? Are you happy with orders/sales of your last collection so far?
Our pieces price range is from £300 to £3000. By showing only once in London Fashion week we think that we have a substantial start and have a potential to expand to many territories.
We are very interested in reaching to American, Chinese, Middle East and Russian markets because we feel our style would work there. Keeping our uniqueness and variety we are interested to offer special pieces for certain markets. So wherever you go there would be something special. Hopefully very soon you will be able to find us in Zagreb.

What is your plan for the near future in regards to your collection? Would you like to expand to other segments? We just got chosen to be one of the 3 finalists of Fashion Fringe and to show there is amazing opportunity and support. We are always open for new challenges; accessories would be next step for us.

Images : Lucas Seidenfaden
Illustration 1 : Andy Bumpus
Illustration 2 : KELLYANNA 

You can watch the whole show bellow lovelies! I adore how music fits perfectly with the collection - fabulous!


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