7 Manly sins.

Car key spinner.
Dear boys with expensive (father’s) cars, spinning and/or placing you BMW car keys on the table by ladie's drink is not one of the most recommended seduction methods. Sure, it may get you a certain type of a girl for a one-nighter but after she meets your father you might soon take upon a role of her stepson. So, just keep the keys in your pocket and try with regular verbal communication.

High school vibe.
Trust me when I say this, because I think I am speaking in the name of most of the ladies when I say that hoodies, jeans and sneakers cannot be your day to night outfit on a regular basics even if you are a professional athlete or unemployed working from home. Dress your age honey! There is a proper attire for each occasion and every age.

Branded head to toe.
Ok, you got money to spend and like designer clothes but please try not to be a walking billboard with CK underwear showing from your pants, D&G hanging from your belt, DSquared written in all caps on your T-shirt, LV pasted all over your sneakers and wrist watch of the size of my head. This type is usually guilty of the key spinning sin as well. Just don’t do it, ok? Fashion aside, it simply looks like you have raped a designer multi-brand store window.

Cologne junky.
You like to smell well and like good perfumes, fine. We like it when our man smells good but when I need to air out my apartment two weeks after you have left it, then it means you should go by the less is more rule. Spray the perfume and/or body spray just on the couple of body spots where your body is the warmest like: back of the neck, chest and inner side of your elbows. Let us have to come closer to you to smell your perfume. ;)

Some men get stuck in a phase in between college and real life and superficial vs. real meaningful relationship and build up a whole philosophy of excuses why everything in their life is better to remain in the "status Quo stage"   for a while. This type of men can grow into those creepers who go clubbing on a regular until they are 50+, continue wearing light jeans and to much hairgel , they stay behind their generation and fail in maintaining  romantic relationships and even though often successful at work they do, they do not feel happy with their life overall. Note for these kind of men – just grow up will ya?

God knows I used to fear I might become a female version of this type but thankfully I reflected on time and changed my ways. This is the type of a guy I used to date! Hint. Hint. This guy is at work morning to night, offten stops taking care of his body and health and continues to chase money with no tangible goal or end to it. Often they lose sense or reality, become less social, can’t maintain real friendships or  start drinking a lot and become real jerks in romantic relationships. I got two pieces of advice for this kind of men – #1 Money can’t buy you love. #2 Once you start speaking and acting in your private life as you do at work – it’s time for a career change honey. No matter how scared of failing you might be. Do it.

Often called a male gold-digger. This guy has an excuse for everything that went wrong in his life. He barely completed college or didn’t even manage to, he still lives with his parents and doesn’t work because he still can’t figure out what exactly he wants to do with his life and he is pushing 30. If he manages to get a girl, he tries to move into her place asap and hopes she will be his new mommy. Note for Mr. Looser – get a job! Any job! Note for Mr. Loosers mother – kick him out. 

Do you know any men that have commited any of the above sins lovelies? Dare to share! ;)


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