Bunny time!

Easter as most of other holidays have became a commercial holiday rather than time spent with people we love and time when we focus on people rather on the material things and work.    

Now it is having us all buying bunch of chocolate and Easter candy splurging one last time before full on summer diet regime. 
In terms of dressing, we start wearing brighter colors, white pants, bare legs with skirts and dresses while new sandals are uncovering our freshly pedicures toenails. 

During these sunny days and celebration which Spring in its full divine bloom and Easter holidays bring - try to find a moment and pause, think about what makes you happy, think about risking more and taking chances, falling in love foolishly, spending more time with people you love, doing things for yourself you never get to do and worrying less about keeping up with same old daily routines.

How will you make yourself flourish this spring? 

Weather it is by just spending more time on yourself, buying a new spring hat or going for a coffee in your favorite café with brand new edition of your favorite glossy magazine....

...Whatever you do...be yourself...Do you darlin'! 

“To eat an egg, you must break the shell. 


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