True Happiness - Myth or reality?

I know that it might sound so silly, maybe even childish and immature, but I often wonder what is that can make me really happy. Up to a point that I am conscious about it as it is happening and able to be grateful for it on the spot.

Is this kind of "event" rare as a four leaf clove, as impossible as having enough shoes or as mythical as a pink unicorn?

For all who were wondering the same...I got a story to tell you...which I haven't told anyone, because it is so simple and kind of silly.

Once upon a time, in Astoria - Queens, on a regular work night, nothing extraordinary happened.

He was not a prince, rather a silly & sometimes a little random tall guy with a gap in between his first two teeth and in desperate need of a haircut. I was lying curled up in bed with his hand around me, he was fast asleep. Sleeping together was our thing. He started to snore and I turned around to kick him a bit to stop and I just realized - I was completely happy.

I consciously thought of how happy I was and how precious that moment was & how scary it would be not to be able to ever feel this again, and I hugged his hand around me and I cried. And he snored. I still remember these three years later.

I guess this was the reason I tried to make it work and why I was scared it might never happen with anyone else again.

What made you happy?

"Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~


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