Designer quicky:Vjera Vilicnik - the fairy with the hands of gold

I am so happy to learn about this amazing young lady. Vjera's resume embellished with masters in fashion design from Italian school of Design, Instituto Marangoni - the incubator of fashion talent and degree from haute couture embroidery school Ecole Lesage, the last remaining house of haute couture embroidery dating from 19th century which collaborates with fashion institutions like Dior, Chanel and Lacroix on their couture collections, as well as her experience working with labels like: Julia SmithAbercrombie&Fitch, Meeting, Basso&BrookeSaint Hill Couture, Roksanda Ilincic, Max Mara, Tom Ford and WGSN differentiates her from many other fashion spotlight hopefuls.

My first impression of Vjera was "Gosh her name suits her so well!" and my second was "Gosh her pieces are so gentle, classic, delicate and dreamy." 

Vjera started her label back in July,2010. in pursuit of a  constant quest for more beautiful, more intricate garments that are unique yet timeless. She treats every piece of her clothing as a precious part of the overall story creating beautifully hand crafted, meticulously finished and soul stitched wearable timeless pieces each embellished with a tad of couture.

Vjera Vilicnik seems to create with free spirited, happy, elegant, very feminine and soft but confident women in mind. As she saids: " The woman in my mind, my muse, is a woman full of contradictions, but they are not really opposed to each other." Read more here.

Vjera took time and was kind enough to answer couple of my questions:

Were you ever approached by any of the organizers of fashion events in Croatia and would you ever consider showing your collection on any of them?

 Croatian fashion scene is still new to me, and since I was a part of fashion studies in London, I fell much more at home here. I would of course love to show in Croatia too, but for now time doesn't let me focus more on that idea. I recently gave an interview to so there is a chance there will be collaboration with them.

Where do you sell your clothes? Do you have a showroom,do you sell online or via multibrand boutiques?

I have an online shop as part of the website, and you can see the pieces at The Showroom, just of Marble Arch, London, which is a part of FASHIONCAPITAL.CO.UK, an organisation that helped me to with the start. I would love to have my own little boutique but that is something for the future. and have had competition for young designers and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the winners, both with LBD and Perfect Blouse project, and so for a certain period of time you could buy the pieces on their websites too.

Are you ever planing to go towards mass production or would you prefer to have a smaller more exclusive stores in selected locations?

Because of the haute couture embroidery in my pieces, it is impossible to direct it toward mass market. The pieces sometimes take few days to finish, which of course, suits a smaller range. I would love to have the collection in a few selected stores, and keep the pieces unique and long lasting in making and quality as they are now.

What are the demographics of your customers?

The customer that wears Vjera Vilicnik, is a women full of contradictions, but they are no contradictions at all. She is a work force, and a gentle lover, she is a loving mother and she dances the night away. She is between the ages of 25-40, in search for something unique, long lasting, and classical with a twist, something that she can express herself with.

Do you have a "signature piece" and would you please indicate a price range of your pieces?

The signature piece is the carnation waistcoat. It is fully covered with handmade silk chiffon roses in shape of carnation flower, and for this season it is mixed with fine woollen balls for a more dramatic effect and mix of textures. It takes days to finish and hand stitch but it is also my favourite piece. The prices range from £80 for a simple t-shirts, go to £150 for short dresses and then climb to around £400 for long dresses or embellished pieces.

Please do visit Vjera's website to buy her clothes or view her collections at or her facebook fan page.

Vjera will show her latest collection at the Charing Cross hotel, Strand, London on Saturday 19th February 2011 as part of LGN Events off-schedule London Fashion Week catwalk show - A LA MODE. 

"God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I've ever met. "
Farrah Fawcett 


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