We made music together.

I got your letter and I was sad,
You wrote it cause of her and that made me mad,
I fell in love, and that was my only bad.

The words you used were hurtful and lame,
there was nothing for what you took the blame.
I am never aggresive, just young and naive,
I was always honest to you and my intention was never to decieve.

You can write all you want to make yourself believe,
all of our friends have noticed the emotion,
so go ahead and act like you have this new "devotion".

 After all, I don't regret a thing, 
everybody knew it wasn't just a fling.
We looked good together, it lasted long,
we both knew, something would soon go wrong.

I wish you all the best, whatever you choose to do,
just remember that for Tango - it takes two.
After so many years of lies - sometimes love dies, 
but I guess when there is cash in question - it somehow multiplies.

 Together we had fun times, wrote music and spoke in rhymes.
I jumped in it free and with an open heart, 
I just wanted to see you happy ...
so I don't feel like a victim and I am ready for a new start. 



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