Lost in baggage!

Hi fabulousnesses! 

I am so sorry I haven't been blogging for a while. I have moved into a new apartment and my life is in suitcases right now (lots of them). I am unpacking it and getting rid of some emotional baggage while at it, all at once.

 I have been terribly buisy with all of this moving in business:  shabby chicking my fabulous "old meets new" furniture, designing my velvet meets silk ceiling to floor curtains and chair covers with my fabulous friend Alex.

All while listening to Snoop Dogg & Edit Piaf  and trying  my best not to get behind schedule on my day job - Ouu yes indeed! I sure am emotional mess right now! 

Thanks for being patient with me! 
Photos of my newely self redecorated apartment coming up next week!  
Also, I am bringing you some exclusive stories & interviews from local and international fashion scene!

Enjoy lovelies!


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Helen said...

I just discoverd your blog,it`s a great.
xoxo Helen

La Katღ said...

Thanks honey ;)

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