29 August, 2010

Fresh, raw fashion talent!

 A little while ago I wrote a post about local fashion scene (in Croatia), where I focused on quality of collections and a vast number of fashion events as well as on really unfriendly climate among "key players" which in my opinion hurts local fashion industry and the talent we have on this geographically small but very fashionably conscious location full of potential. 

  Although there are still some leftovers of textile industry in Croatia, meaning: textile factories, knowledgeable and affordable labor force, some new talented young designers and fruitful, trend sensitive consumer base are waiting for much needed local production and business/legislative support to provide them with much needed financial boost.

I think there is not enough business knowledge behind the industry, no honest leadership, business fashion education and modern technology (latest trends) to support the growing demand and the number of events with return on investment for the organization of the "show" part. 

In addition, there seems to be no motivation or financial support from the government what so ever, nor interest for reviving this industry. Pity, I say, especially when there are young, talented and driven people who can be the future stars and key drivers of this industry not only for this region but further as well.

  Here are couple of good examples that have bravely stepped outside of the local boundaries, did it all on their own, and now they are writing their own success stories.

Even though maybe they did not learn this in local fashion schools, but through experience and trial and error method, they quickly started picking up the business part of the industry as well: brand building, advertising, self promotion, pricing (still to be improved), online presence, expanding their portfolio to accessories etc.

Marko I had a chance to meet in person and I saw his show live this past June. He truly is a great designer and definitely a couturier of the future, I would like to say he reminds me of my favorite - Alex McQueen, but I think this is still very much to premature to claim. 

His collection awakes all of your senses; Marko manages to keep your interest with every immaculate piece of art he creates. He seems to have gathered a great team of artists to work with, which has proved to be a wining combo for the kind of garments he makes. One thing that definitely needs an improvement is his diva attitude and professionalism which could have been on much greater level all together. Enjoy Marko's craftsmanship bellow.

Juraj is creating sellable art pieces season in and season out. His business scent is definitely more developed than most of the other local designers and he seems to have found his niche market. The only remark I would have for his work is to finish his website asap and have his contact posted for showrooms worldwide to be able to order these fabulous pieces! Good luck Juraj!

This duo has established themselves as a local celebrity choice and a go to designers for prom dresses of young and hip teenagers. They are focused on creating much more commercial wear than above two designers but they have well recognized brand image locally. Since recently, they have stepped out of Croatian borders and I am sure their great website and their comprehensive business plan had something to do with it. 
In addition, cooperation with different companies, clubs etc. have added to their visibility and their resume. Very positive and fun duo with equally bright future!


                La Kat

"Success: willing to do what the average person is not willing to do." 

27 August, 2010

Halleluja for Vogue!

I was really happy to see gorgeous Halle on the cover of no other than most important September, 2010. celebration Vogue issue! Yes you can Ana!

Halle is 2nd black women on most important September issue cover. She si also a 6th black women on the Vogue cover in this decade, this is her 2nd Vogue cover (1st in Dec.2002.) and she looks fabulous with short hair again!

Here are some more facts on black women gracing the cover of THE fashion bible! Some call these, semi recent, positive changes an Andre Effect.

Not to bore you with to much historic details, I have collected most accurate data I could find and selected some fabulous covers bellow. 

Its was about time Conde Naste! 
  • March,1966.Donyale Luna was first ever black women on the cover of UK Vogue, although she did not identify as black and she was photographed covering her African American features not to "offend" Vogue readership at a time
  • August, 1974. Beveryl Johnson (First black women on US Vogue cover)
  • August, 1977. Peggy Dillard (had later two more Vogue covers)
  • March, 1980. Sheila Johnson (America’s first Black female billionaire)
  • January, 1981. Beverly Johnson
  • June, 1986. Shari Bellafonte (last of her 5 Vogue covers, 1982-1986.) - most Vogue covers by a black women
  • February, 1987. Louise Vyent
  • October, 1988. Kara Young's 2nd Vogue cover
  • January, 1989. Karen Alexander 
  • September,1989. Naomi Campbell - first black women solo on the cover of Sep. issue, the least selling cover of all times
  • April, 1994.Brandi Q is featured alongside two white models
  • May,1996. Naomi Campbell is given the inside flap of a special foldout cover
  • June, 1993. Naomi Campbell last solo Vogue cover
  • March, 2007. Jennifer Hudson was 1st full figure black women to appear on Vogue cover solo
  • July, 1997. Kiara Kabukuru (Ugandan supermodel)
  • January, 1998. Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) shares the cover with her fellow Spice Girls
  • October, 1998. Oprah
  • Novemeber, 1999. Iman shares the front cover with three other supermodels in special foldout cover
  • January, 2001. Marion Jones
  • December, 2002. Halle Barry's first Vogue cover
  • May, 2005. Liya Kebede (Ethiopian supermodel)
  • April, 2009. Beyonce (shape issue)



   La Kat

26 August, 2010

The celebration of fashion!

Hopefully this year I will also be able to attend now already accustomed celebration of fashion announcing the fashion week for upcoming season in most major fashion cities around the world - starting with fashion capital New York City.

 Here are some photos from the set of Fashion nights out PSA.

Enjoy lovelies! :)


Would you like to have this in Croatia? :)


La Kat

"The key to longevity is to keep doing what you do better than anyone else. We work real hard at that.
 It's about getting your message out to the consumer. 
It's about getting their trust, but also getting them excited, again and again. My clothes.. the clothes we make for the runway.. aren't concepts. 
They go into stores. 
Our stores. 
Thankfully, we have lots of them."

22 August, 2010

Love is not a game.

We both knew it would be impossible or hard, 
but we managed to loose our guard.
Every day together feels like a gift, 
we are happy and our minds often drift.
We forget about what reality brings,
 and our dreams yet again grow bigger wings.

With you time goes by so fast,
You make me happy, sadness is a matter of the past.
You repeat the same jokes, sometimes they are stupid,
I still laugh, guess I got hit by a cupid.

Meat or pasta, you really like my cooking,
above all you like the way I'm looking.
We talk for hours, its our favorite thing,
it triggered a warning , this thing is not just another fling.

I really enjoy listening to you speak,
you are so strong, and have a great physique.
The most important is that I feel protected, 
cared about and always well respected.

But than again reality comes knocking, 
love is not a GAME, 
with heartbreak there is no joking.

Ever since the day we met,
 I really feel safe and emotionally SET,
No matter what happends next,
 I wanna be your friend, there will be no regrets.

Just please don't play a truth or dare,
you know I have feelings for you, you know that I care.

Love is sometimes passionate and cruel, 
for some its a suffer, for some its a jewel.
There is no cheating, no bluff allowed, 
everyone finds their MATCH, the rule saids: speak the truth and stay proud.

But than again, love is a matter of heart,
cupid threw his erow, it shows love where to start.


La Kat

20 August, 2010

La house cleaning couture

Some women eat chocolate and ice cream, drink wine, hug teddy bear, shop or cry when they are sad. 
I dress up fancy, put the high heels, rubber gloves and clean my house, drink herbal tea , eat dark chocolate  Ferrero Rondnoir (girl needs her dark chocolate)and dance Zumba.

  The funny thing it that I do not enjoy baking at all, nor eating cakes all that much (expect my friends stolen recipe cheese cake - God bless you Iva), but I do feel the need to bake when sad.

Sometimes..I forget exact  ingredients...

..and sometimes I take a break....

  I am good  with vacuming and dusting, but two things I absolutely hate are cleaning the bathroom and ironing.

Which is why the lady in the local super market's dry cleaning place is my new best friend. Last time I brought her chocolate (she was cleaning my Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater and classic gold button navy blazer - I could not take a chance).

My mum got me some fresh herb plants to hold on the window and use while cooking (once in a blue moon or when I am trying to impress a certain hottie).

 She said I'm suppose to water them and replant when needed. So far 3 out of 4 died, one is still holding up. I am starting to think she tricked me, but I will still try to keep them on the life support, the new one I got is the lavander plant. Keep your fingers crossed for her, her name is Lucy.

After I am sick of cleaning out my small apartment I do another round or Zumba video workout, jumping around my newly purchased exercise mat. 

I compromised with getting a dark purple one as is seems like there is no bright pink one nowhere to be found in this city. 

Finally I collapsed on the couch with last lines of  Fergies "..big girls don't cry..." singing from my iPhone speaker and decided to share my coping with sadness strategy with all of you - fabulous fashionistas.


  La Kat

"My second favorite household chore is ironing.  
My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint. " 
~Erma Bombeck~

I think housework is the reason most women go to the office. 
 ~Heloise Cruse~

Skeletons in my closet!

"I got some skeletons in my closet and I don't know if no one knows it, 
so before they thrown me
inside my coffin and close it, 
i'ma expose it"


 "If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, 
you'd best teach it to dance. "


"...Skeletons in my basement, Loitering on my streets, Wearing my best pajamas, sandwiched between my sheets..."


"You've got me, 
you've got me standing in ackward position, 
with unwanted attention and a need for explanation".