22 April, 2010

Abused mommy

Hello lovelies! Long time no blog, or better say long time no live :) However, I am back now...couple of business trips got out of hand with the volcano cloud and all. 

         Many years back now, back in the war time in Croatia when I was really, really little I used to cut out the editorials  while waiting for my mum at hairdressers or while she wasn't looking out of her magazines at home and I would glue them in my little notebook, I still have some of these  notebooks. Glued editorial on the left side and my drawing on the right side. 

My notebooks with editorials cut outs helped me get my mind of the every day life and every time I would hide in the corner behind the curtain or under the blanket these cutouts would take me to a whole new world of different kinds of pretty.

   Working in fashion industry for a couple of years back I have developed an understanding of the complexity and cost of making one of those compelling, story telling, provocative editorials.          
      Back in New York (before the economic crises) this kind of costs were needed, accepted and managed on a daily basics. Every assistant had their own assistant or an fashion intern to torture with their wanna be diva demands. 
    But frankly, I do believe it is easier to be creative and to conceptualize your ideas when you have a cushiony budget and a fleet of people supporting you, some paid and talented and some just wanting to be a part of the fashion world buzz.

With this post I would like to introduce work of a team of people running a fashion portal www.moda.hr in Croatia. This team of people is creative, positive and visionary regardless of the fact that their budgets for creating the editorial are lower that the food and taxi fair taken to one of the NYC editorial shoots. 

www.moda.hr team has created a sort of an online reality show or better say a casting call, inviting all of the creative fashion junkies to apply and from selected few editors have gathered a creative team to create an editorial.

The one that intrigued me the most is the one bellow. The topic of the editorial was a twisted world where children become the abusers of their mother. This is happening in mental institution where kids are becoming the abusers and overpowering their mother to become her mirror image later. Enjoy! 

Please find the rest of the editorial photos and information about the fabulous team who worked on this editorial here. I am really looking forward to see more of their work! :)



Life is the row material. We are the artists. Be creative!

04 April, 2010

Romance is Alive & Well - Lei.Lou.

Gorgeous, creative and with business sense seems to be a wining combination for a very talented Croatian fashion designer Alex Dojčinović and her fashion brand Lei.Lou. 

Alex Dojcinovic is young entrepreneur and fashion designer from Croatia. She participated in 2007 Wella Fashion Week in Zagreb and won the public vote for "Best of Fashion Show Award" for both Spring and Fall collections. 

After a couple of independent fashion shows this year was her comeback on a fashion scene and she participated in Fashion.hr fashion event.

Alex opened her own fashion company in 2008 called Lei.Lou. and also worked for the well known companies as P&G, GM, Audi,Honda, Peugeot, Tele2.

Her success is based on her ability to adjust to the specific wishes of the various companies in an artistically intelligent and financially successful manner. Her fashion insight and dedication to the business are major reasons for her success. Alex's fashion drawings are also used as examples in the fashion school text books.

What I like the most is the romantic feel, lightness, beautiful color pallet she uses and gorgeous great quality materials which are also wrinkle free and suitable for working women. Many her dresses have the ability to be worn in multiple ways which is highly economical and are not hard to maintain.

One of her major success was the Drake Hotel Fashion Show in Chicago in 2008 and 2009.
A couple of Chicago boutiques recognized her talend and are now selling her designs.

You can see Lei.Lou. multi functional dress which can be worn in 9 different ways. As Alex's customer and a close friends I can personally vouch for the quality of her sawing - her dresses are sown in a way that you can  even wear them inside out if needed :) 

The above multi-functional garments as above you can purchase on the Private Sale ones a month - its first comes, first served basics, so go and get your fabulous morning to night multi season dress by Lei.Lou.

Lei.Lou. fashion show for S/S 2010. you can see here.

For the F/W 2010. Season Alex also had a successful collection. She incorporated romantic French feel fabricated in silk mixtures, fur and satin all in gentle powder tones, models had minimal natural make up, their hair was pulled back in a tight buns and they had lyrics tattooed on the outside of their lower arms. Jewelry and purses are also designed by Alex and branded with new Lei.Lou. logo.

My top pics are bellow. The show collection is sold out or reserved to be sold. I am planning to buy a pale pink Jumper from Alex and this beautiful skirt bellow left.

What I like the most about Alex is that she understands that although unique, fashion forward and artistic the clothes she creates must be wearable and sellable. She is creating a brand name for herself and understands the industry together with current economic and geographic situation she is in - the keywords of the year are adaptability/flexibility and sensing the needs of the consumers.

 Lei.Lou. has the whole team of people supporting the brand: seamstresses, PR person, lawyer, models who favor her, celebrities and a capable business person and a creative designer - it is a power team which guarantees success. 

Buyers and boutique owners - here is your chance to support a young star who's designs guarantee sales.

I am looking forward to see Lei.Lou. grow as a brand! Wish you all the best Alex!



“We tell young designers that you need to believe in what you've made. You put all your love and passion into it and if you are good your dream will come true.”
~Stefano Gabbana ~