To my girls.

Although we are oceans apart, 
I think about you all quit a lot. 
I often remember things we used to do 
And all the issues we managed to pull through. 

We were the best, we were the worst, sometimes the last and sometimes the first. 

Whenever I am fixing my make up before I work out,
 I can almost see Kacy smiling and Kelli calling me out. 

Whenever I feel down and my emotions swirl,
 I hear Erin screaming: "You go and get them girl!" 
I never dare to give up on my dreams and my work, 
Cause I remember Alis playing in pain without a smirk. 

My every morning coffee reminds me on my partner in crime, 
My fabulous GF! We were inseperable all of the time! 

T.T., Brandy and Shay - team OOCD! 
Where these three were - party was a guarantee! 

When I turn on the MTV, first thought is Mellsy - the dancing queen! 
Every practice with her went by faster - because she got that MJ gene! 

Armina is the one I call every time I am down, 
When it comes to real life urgant help - she is wearing a crown. 

We grew up together; This game gave us a chance, 
it tought us the steps - for the Real Life dance. 

You were my sisters, mothers ad my mirror image, 
We helped each other grow; having you in my life is a true privilege. 

We started as lady tigers, today we are a lion queens, 
Scoring in real life and leading big business teams 
so we had to pass the ball to some other tiger teens.

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