Designer quicky: Victor de Souza

1.What kind of women is VDS women?

Although Victor de Souza Inc. will eventually expand into men’s fashion, currently VDS Inc. focuses generally on the sophisticated, timeless woman who loves to push boundaries. The Victor de Souza woman is chic, has character and doesn’t settle for the obvious. The VDS woman is someone who is looking for the qualities of historical couture but in a more contemporary and fresh manner.

2. How would you describe your style and what drives and inspires you for collections?

Victor de Souza, Inc. is dedicated to bringing refined, well-constructed and perfectly engineered designs to the world. Our goods, and the ideals they personify, blend classics with innovation, and are at the forefront of fashion. The house boldly embodies elegance and flair. I find inspiration in and around everything. The last collection was inspired entirely by the sea.

3. How does your brainstorming process looks like in between collections do you have the team you work with?

It’s not a structured process. Inspiration may hit at any moment and I have to be prepared to capture that moment.

4. What is your vision for your brand in terms of growth?

Our vision is to evolve this couture house and luxury brand into all areas of fashion and fashion-related products, such as fragrances, men's wear, eyewear, footwear, hand bags, watches, home furnishing and all types of accessories.

5. What are your future plans for your brand?

In addition to the vision for growth written above, we also want to inject social consciousness into the industry and business as a whole. We want to serve as a good example and eventually expand our philanthropic activities as well.

6. Do you plan to open your own store and where?

Eventually, we will open a VDS store but the timing must be right. Currently, you can find the VDS line at Bellhaus in Manhattan and the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. 

7. How many fashion shows do you do a year and does it pay off financially?

We typically do two shows per year (one in the spring and one in the fall). However, this year we did three since we also presented at Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb. The shows do pay off financially, because without a show I wouldn’t have the presence in the industry you must have.

8. What do you think about this years Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb? What are the good things and what are the opportunities for growth in upcoming years?

I was honored and excited to take part in Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb. The organizers and the people of Zagreb were very hospitable and warm. It was a pleasure to be a part of. Our goal was to create the same feeling of glamour that we created for our show in New York. I thought the space and the entire setup was well done.

9. What is your impression of Croatian young designers whose shows you had the opportunity to see during Zagreb's Fashion Week?

I found that the men’s lines were especially strong. I saw a few pieces that I could see myself wearing.

10. You seem to be very willing to work on charity projects - you donated one of your dresses for charity action during Dreft Fashion Week. Do you have any charity organizations which are especially close to your heart? Do you plan to do any such projects on your own?

As I mentioned before, VDS strives to be a socially conscious company and to give back to the community that has given so much to us. We are in the process of laying the groundwork to start a foundation. In the meantime, children’s charities are especially close to my heart.

11. What is your opinion about big fashion companies using sweat shops in third world countries?

It’s absolutely unconscionable. I understand that fashion is a business, but there’s a way that you can do it and elevate everyone in the process. It’s time to raise the consciousness within the industry.

 Source: Italian Vogue


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