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I haven't been writing blog posts in the past couple of days as I was working on Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb with my company being a main sponsor of the event. I must say, although I know I cannot be 100% objective as I am in a way part of the organizing team, that I am very pleased with changes this team has made this season. 

I am very, very proud of this young team of people and positive atmosphere they made as well as the tremendous effort they put it to make this event a true fashion celebration offering a mixture of young, established, foreign and domestic fashion shows which was equally pleasing for fashion fanatics and fashion curious spectators.

  This post I am dedicating to young and extremely talented team of two Adela Kliškić i Nikola Barbir who just recently won an award on another event dedicated to fashion design students. Their couture collection soaked in champaign color was homage to the work of great couturists like late McQueen and always fabulous Jean Paul Gaultier. I am really looking forward to following the future collections of these two talented kids. 

As my friend Louis de Gama said during our conversation on after party Friday night, who was also a member of the jury who awarded these two with the award "These kids are extremely talented, they just need some guidance as they develope, hopefully someone will invest in their talent locally as otherwise they will just move to London and look for the opportunities there."

 I agreed, and added that I hope that they will also learn how to price their garments and compete in this extremely competitive industry which in Croatia is not really well organized yet and not real profitable.

Another talented young duo who did a dark collection inspired by birds were Ana Fucijaš i Marija Koštić who's maticuous detailing and dramatic appeal impressed the audience.

These kids created a positive vibe showing us all that there is indeed fashion talent in Croatia. Lets nurture it, invest in it and let these kids grow and develop into next Croatian fashion sensations! 

“What we do have in London is a fantastic pool of talent coming through the colleges. 

We are the fashion world's incubator.”



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Fashion Cappuccino said...

The collection looks breathtakingly beautiful and I thank Croatia is full of talented designers! It must be really exciting to be part of this show!! xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

<3 wonderful!

La Katღ said...

Thank you darlings! :)

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