The urban gentleman.

I got a lot of requests from men to write a male fashion post and not just to mention them in traces as the "guilty" ones in heart breaking stories and testemonials. 
I hear you, you poor victimized men and I shall do just that. ;) (notice the manly green color font)

As I am, after all, a women, selfishly focused on more creative and more fun female fashion, one of the reasons I haven't written about men's fashion before was simple - I haven't had enough knowledge to provide constructive comments on trends in male fashion industry. But I have investigated and at least now I can provide you with links to knowledgable male fashion bloggers writing about male trends.

Male Fashion bloggers
Male magazines
So this post will be about the kind of men I like and the kind of man I am attracted to. Naturally, we get attracted to a men/women visually first, then we notice the vibe they project and just after that inteligence and all of those spiritual personality traits.

So here we go, my man is an URBAN GETLEMAN.

 1) Suits should be a staple piece of every post college man. Which not at all means he should be boring or to corporate.

2.) No, man is not to metro or totally gay if he pays attention to details and styles them well. There are really cool gloves, hats, scarves, man bags/totes and grafiti inspired cufflinks  for a man who is working a lot and is always on the go.

3.) Its important to choose right coat or jacket as it is a piece you wear three season in the year, one should be real worm and another one transitional. Its always good to choose one you can wear to work and out, so classic one with trendy details to show your personality. This seasons favorites are aviator shearling jackets and structured camel tone coats/black is an option to with rockerish details, my favorite are Burberry Prorsum coats.

On an off day man can go all the way personality wear. I really like the MJ inspired jacket and really cool harem jeans as they move away from classic straight fit or distresses jeans, still with jeans, its all about details. Spice them up with some dangerous accessories like a bullet belt or a bomb watch. 

For Autumn and Winter wear them with classic Timberlands or Frye boots, I loveee gray ones. When its sunny, don't forget your Ray Bans.

Photo sources: The Urban Getleman, Google search, GQ

So what you think boys? Is this something you would wear? :)
Ciao lovelies!

"Women thrive on novelty and are easy meat for the commerce of fashion. 
Men prefer old pipes and torn jackets."

~Anthony Burgess~


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The Stylish Nomad said...

Really like those cuff links! Gives that urban flair to an otherwise cleaner cut shirt


La Katღ said...

I know, I adore a bit of personality or better yet sign they are just a human on a business person :)

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