Croatian designers shopping nights powered by Dreft in Zagreb - report

Ahh what a fabulous night last night my dears!

Last night we had our first shopping nights out event powered by Dreft in Zagreb. The goal was to motivate people to buy Croatian Fashion designers clothing, to support local production, young talent and the local industry and to realize it is not all that expensive, when you look at its quality, ability for personal contact with the designer, having tailor made piece of clothing made just for you and on top always having an original designer to turn to when it comes to alterations.

I was really pleasantly surprised with craftsmanship and original ideas of the most designers I got to see. The 30% reduced prices are (as I hope participating designers realized yesterday) the realistic market prices for their pieces, as at this point they would not be cosidered unrealistically priced although still on the expensive side a bit. 
   I would say their business would go at least 20% up in volume instantly if they would keep their prices down permanently. The prices of their clothes are definite barrier to even enter their stores to an average consumer.

Also, I was actually impressed with their pleasant, positive and professional personalities, as well as their 'can do' attitude - here I am talking about Alex Dojčinović - who was most popular designer of the night, Ivica Klarić - already experienced designer and very cute, fun but very business savy although a bit immature duo ELFS.  :)

It seems like most designers were happy with how much they sold last night, media and celebs were also very interested in all of the fashion fuss behind the event and for the first time around, I think we could say all in all this was a good start! A good shake or slap on the face/kick in the but this industry needed in Croatia.

 Some things which could be better - was the preparation of designers, as some did came unprepared to merchandise and display their pieces, not all know how to talk to media and promote themselves and some still are overpricing their pieces to the point that even with the discount their clothes is unrealistically expensive for its quality and complexity. I hope those will wake up ASAP and realize that right now they are not being price competative at all and are pushing real mass customers away with that approach.

Here is what I got & tried on! :)

I hope to see more designers joining the event next year! :) 
You can see more photos from the event on my Facebook fan page!

Enjoy lovelies!
"The goal I seek is to have people refine their style through mine clothing 
without having them become victims of fashion.
~Giorgio Armani~


2 fabulous comments:

Nick Grbin JR, said...

i ja sam bio na toj noci ali me pomalo razocarala. divan je to event ali jos mi na to nismo nauceni.

La Katღ said...

Bok Nick :) Vrijeme je da se naučimo!
Radila sam u showroomima po NYC, i na fashion weeku tamo kao i za poznate svjetske dizajnere.

Ja smatram da se naši dizajneri super snalaze s obzirom na uvjete u kojima rade i slabo školovanje koje je u Hrv dostupno. cijene su im još uvijek visoke, kada to korigiraju mnogi će biti konkurentni. Kao i u svemu drugome, dugoročno, najbolji i najkvalitetniji će uspjeti.

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