Splitting up in Split

The undercover geek that I am, whenever I fail to verbally express the emotion residing in my PMS-al self, I consult the charming old, Mr. Know-It-All Webster, so he said:

Inflected Form(s): splitsplit·ting
Pronunciation: \ˈsplit\
Function: verb
1 a : to divide lengthwise usually along a grain or seam or by layers  
b : to affect as if by breaking up or tearing apart 
2 : to divide into parts or portions: as 
a : to divide between persons
b : to divide into factions, parties, or group

Once I read the definition above painful "Auchh" slipt down my lips automatically. To be honest with you, with all due respect to my PMS feelings. Spending the weekend in Split was nothing I was afraid it might be, it was quit lovely actually.

My hotness friend surprised me and picked me up from the airport, we spent most of the day walking around, catching up and drinking coffee. Once he left to go to basketball practice I walked around a bit on my own, many things did brought back the memories of my ex, but everything seemed so distant now. I finally realized that now, somewhere he was not the same person who I used to know and loved anymore. 

I was not sad at all.

 I smiled, passing by the cafe we first met last summer at pretending to be cool and totally over each other, while couldn't wait to rip each others clothes of first moment we got, as it happened later in the day. 

At that very second, I missed everything about him, the smell, his messy hair,his stupid jokes, the gap in between his teeth, the nasty comments unique to him only, which at a time I found adorable. 

Then the reality hit me and I remembered that that guy no longer exists. He stayed frozen in time in July,2009. in Split, and shall remain there forever, I still fondly remember that man,love him and always will.

    I also did a bit of a vintage shopping and exploring, I got a really cute pair of shoes and a bracelet imported from Mexico. When I got hungry I stopped at a super cute home made Nadalina Chocolate shop with specialty chocolates as: olive oil chocolate, orange peel covered chocolate, lavender cream chocolate, aphrodisiac chili peppers chocolate etc. I got one of each, ouu yes I did! 

When my friend Armina arrived we had a fancy dinner and got a lot of attention from men and boys walking down the street. Sadly, many stores were closed on Sunday so we went street art browsing and met many interesting new locals.

We walked around a lot, took many pictures and really tried to let go of all the pressures waiting for us back in our offices at home. The weather was great and we enjoyed doing absolutely nothing, sitting around, sipping coffee, eating croissants and commenting on the way people passing by are dressed. It seems to be the favorite thing to do of the locals.

Two of us would not be as fabulous as we are if we haven't spotted fabulous and flashy things all around us, so we have seen a Karl Lagerfeld look-alike passing by, we found fabulous floral dress shop when we got lost in one of the "space for one person at a time" streets, and last but not least we have seen fabulous shoes I wanted to break in the closed store to get to.

Armina took some good pictures and could not help but criticize my amateur frames when I attempted to play the photographer role, as she also absolutely loves to have photos taken of her. 

On the other hand, my basketball friend was happy to see us and he enjoyed the show and all the commotion around us :) We had another delicious sea food dinner and went out for some drinks.

All in all, we had a lovely time! We managed to relax, gossip, we got our fashion fix for the week and I think I finally managed to split it and let go in Split! 


.....I am beginning to think, I imagined you all along....

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Anonymous said...

ooolala! this one is the best so far!:) and the photos are fabulous!

La Kat.... said...

Haha...Thank you :)My friend in the pics took the fabulous ones, but I am the fabulous one on the pictures ;)

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