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Yesterday morning I have taken my weekend routine of sipping coffee with my girls to "Kvart" café  where once a month special event called "Moda sa šlagom"/index.html"Fashion with cream" is organized in a form of a small designer showroom sale.

The café owner is also the event organizer and her good fashion sense is noticable from the moment you enter the café.The interior is very pleasant with bookshelf and vintage homey "by the fireplace" feel, each table was served with a jar of home made gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies and the overal atmosphere reminded me of the TV show Friends café.

The visitors were encouraged to visit the showroom sale days with handed out stamp cards. Each time you visit the Kvart café during showroom sale you get one stamp, with six collected stamps you get the designer gift!

Four different designers have showed their pieces, my top picks were:

RAJF! - these three ladies have started to make head bands for fun and have participated in the Cosmopolitan & Naomi contest, one of the journalist have named them "Alice in the Wonderland trio". I have ordered a " Minny mouse" bow head band, which I totally fell in love with.


Emica - I have had a chance to chat shortly with this young lady. She makes unique leather purses, key chains, belts and other leather accessories. I got a brown leather Lady Gaga inspired robot purse chain on the spot and was really impressed with Emica's purses as the stitching and interior of them were really well made, she chooses a good quality leather which is used in auto industry for car seats and creates fashion forward pieces in terms of design. The best of all is that after all said above the purse prices are still a steal!


Right now I am thinking about ordering a leather Birkin looking nude color purse from Emica for spring, one that I can carry all of my books, work stuff, cosmetics, water bottle, extra pantyhose, phones, apple, screwdriver and other miscelleneous objects one can find in a girls purse in.

P.S.The picture of my Gaga purse chain to be added shortly :)

See you all at next "Moda sa šlagom" showroom sale!!!



"In difficult times fashion is always outrageous."

Elsa Schiaparelli

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Anonymous said...

ulalala! kad ces mene vodit na tu kaficu u taj Kvart cafe????ccccc...hocu i ja masnicu! smrc

I.... said...

:) Hocu ako dodjes taj vikend u Zagreb. Poslati cu ti broj od dizajnerice pa si naruči rajf :)

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